Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: What Is Your Earliest Memory?

Once again, it’s Saturday and Randy Seaver has issued the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge. This week, it’s all about ourselves:

What is your earliest memory?  How old were you, where did you live, who are the characters in your memory?

I was around four years old and we were living at 49 Summer Street in Passaic, New Jersey.

I was a well-behaved little girl and never really got into mischief. My memory isn’t really of a mischievous act, either. I thought I was problem-solving without bothering Mom!

My parents had two chests of drawers in their bedroom. One was a regular dresser with a mirror attached at the back. The other was quite high, not really a highboy, but tall enough that my four year old self couldn’t reach the top.

My mother used to put jewelry, keys and who knows what else up on top of it – maybe to keep little hands from getting into things. One day, I decided that there was something up on top that I wanted to reach. I don’t remember what it was, but there was no chair nearby and the bed was just a bit too far away for me to reach the chest of drawers,  so I came up with a brilliant (at least I thought so) idea to reach the object on top. If I opened the bottom two drawers, they would become my steps to reaching the top.

Good plan, EXCEPT for the fact that my weight was enough to unbalance the dresser when I stood in the drawer. The whole dresser tilted forward slightly, but I was quick enough to jump off and it didn’t topple over.

I remember being very worried about being caught by my mother and for sure being on the receiving end of some punishment, but she never knew what I did. Mom probably would have been a lot more worried about the dresser landing on top of me.

Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

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