Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Many Ancestors in the 1900 Census?

Today’s SNGF challenge on Genea-Musings with Randy Seaver is to identify how many of our ancestors are in the 1900 census.

He does add a caveat that if we have ancestors living in another country, records from there can be used. I have a number of ancestors living in Slovakia (the only census was in 1869) and one ancestor off in Canada most likely visiting friends and relatives when the census taker wandered through Calais, Maine. I do have death dates for everyone, though, I will identify them and include them in my count.

Grandparents (My maternal grandmother wasn’t born until 1901):

Vernon Tarbox Adams, age 1, Calais, Maine
George Kucharik, age 7, Passaic, New Jersey, student
Julia Scerbak, age 7, Ujak, Slovakia, student

Great Grandparents:
Stephen Kucharik, age 45, Passaic, New Jersey
Mary (Kacsenyak) Kucharik, age 41, Passaic, New Jersey, at home
Michael Scerbak, age 32, Ujak, Slovakia, farmer/carpenter
Anna (Murcko) Scerbak, age 28, Ujak, Slovakia, at home
Charles Adams, age 23, Calais, Maine, cutter in a shoe factory
Annie Maude (Stuart) Adams, age 24, Calais, Maine, at home
Hartwell Coleman, age 32, Calais, Maine, master mariner
Anna (Jensen) Coleman, age 28, Calais, Maine, at home

2X Great Grandparents:
John Scerbak, aged 64, Udol, Slovakia, farmer
Maria Patorai, age 61, Udol, Slovakia, at hom
John Murcko, age 69, Hajtovka, Slovakia, farmer
Maria Szova, age 55, Hajtovka, Slovakia, at home
Calvin S. Adams, age 57, Calais, Maine, boat builder
Nellie (Tarbox) Adams, Calais, Maine, at home
Elida (Hicks) Stuart, age 67, visiting in Canada
William Coleman, age 66, Calais, Maine, boat captain
Sarah (Crouse) Coleman, age 67, Calais, Maine, at home
Frits Wille Oscar E. Jensen, age 55, Calais, Maine, detective (police man)

Four great grandparents had died – John Kucharik, Maria (Repka) Kucharik, Charles Stuart and Margaret (Bruun) Jensen.

I’m not sure if two were still living or not. Michael Kacsenyak, born 1834 and his wife, Anna (Haluska) Kacsenyak, born 1832, were both living in 1895 when the village church records end.

3X Great Grandparents:
As far as I know, all of my great grandparents died before 1900.

Therefore, my tally is:
3 grandparents were living in 1900 (one not yet born)
8 great grandparents were living in 1900
10 2X great grandparents were definitely living in 1900, plus 2 others who were alive in 1895 might still have been living in 1900.

If I only count those found in an actual census record, I have 3 grandparents, 6 great grandparents and 6 2X great grandparents.

Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge. 🙂

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