Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Many of Your Ancestors Are on Social Security Death Index?

The weekend is here,  so it’s time for Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Challenge.

This week’s challenge is to figure out how many of my ancestors can be found in the Social Security Death Index.

Here are my family members:

Father: George Michael Sabo, 1926-1985
Mother: Doris Priscilla Adams, 1923-2008
Grandfather: Vernon Tarbox Adams, 1899-1968
Grandmother: Hazel Ethel Coleman, 1901-1995
Grandmother: Julia Scerbak, 1893-1985

Although not in my direct line, my aunt, Annie Barbara Adams (1921-1997) is also listed.

I have six family members, but five direct line ancestors, included in the SSDI.

Although my paternal grandfather, George Sabo (aka Kucharik) died in November 1936, a maternal great grandfather, Hartwell Thomas Coleman, died in March 1938, and a maternal great grandmother, Annie Maude Stuart Adams, died in September 1940, none of them are found in the Social Security Death Index.

Thanks, Randy, for another fun challenge this week. 🙂


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