Samuel Boone & Mary Wightman, RI and Canada

This is the last of my Rhode Island family posts, as Samuel Boone was a Loyalist who appears on the Spring 1783 Fleet list of Loyalists removing to New Brunswick from Huntington Bay, New York. The Boones sailed on the Union, departing on 16 April 1783, with a stop in New York City on 24 April 1783,  before heading to St. John. They landed on 11 May 1783, but passengers didn’t disembark until 3 June 1783.

Samuel Boone was listed as the sole member of his family. His son, William, was head of a household with an adult female, four children over 10 and 2 children under the age of 10, according to the ship’s manifest.

Samuel Boone was born on 9 April 1717 in North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, the son of Samuel Boone and Mary Sweet. He married Mary Wightman. Mary was the daughter of John Wightman and Jane Bentley. There is no record of her birth and in spite of the 1736 marriage date found online for this couple (with no sources), I believe they married a bit later than that. Mary, however, did not make the trek to Canada, as she reportedly passed away in 1782, just before the end of the American Revolution.

It was quite unusual in this time period for a male to marry much before the age of 25, with wives usually about 21 at the time of a first marriage. That would present a marriage date c1742 and a birth year for Mary c1721.

There is a double whammy on uncovering the family of Samuel and Mary. North Kingstown records are both incomplete and of records that survive, those contain partially burned volumes. On top of that, Samuel settled in New Brunswick right after the war, when written records are scarce in terms of vital records.

There is a 1774 census for Rhode Island, which names heads of households and identifies the number of men and women over and under the age of 16.

There are five Boones listed in Rhode Island. Samuel is one of them; his household has one male over 16 (which would be himself), one male under 16, three females over 16 (which would include wife Mary) and two females under 16.

William Boone is already married and appears in the Exeter enumeration in 1774. In his household are three males over 16, two males under 16, two females over 16 and three females under 16.

It is very possible that the Samuel Boone Jr., also living in North Kingstown, is the son of Samuel and Mary Wightman Boone. That household has one male over 16, two under 16, one female over 16 and two under 16.

Richard Boone, also in North Kingstown, has two males over 16, two males under 16, one female over 16 and three females under 16.

The final Boone household is headed by Mary Boone, who has one male over 16, two males under 16, three females over 16 and three females under 16 in the home. Mary is likewise in North Kingstown. she may be Mary Sweet, widow of Samuel Boone who died in 1766.

From the few items I find online, no proven parents are attributed to Richard or Samuel Jr. Whether they belong to Samuel Sr. is a question mark at this point. However, if they are sons, they did not accompany Samuel and William to New Brunswick.

The 1774 census gives a picture of four possible children, in addition to William, who was already married.


  1. William, born c1742-1749; married Ruth Hill
  2. Daughter, born say 1754 – this might be the Mary Boone who married William Gardiner, 26 January 1775, North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. They lived in Richmond, Washington County, Rhode Island in 1790.
  3. Daughter, born say 1756
  4. Son, born say 1758

An online search engine for the Rhode Island 1782 state census produced no hits for Boon or Boone. The family might already have been living in New York.

The 1790 U.S. census lists only six Boones in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

James – in Newport
Mary – in North Kingstown
Peggy – also in North Kingstown (This might be the widow of Samuel Jr.
Richard – in Exeter
Susannah – in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts

More work needs to be done on this family, but there might not be surviving records to make any progress.

My line of descent is through Samuel’s son, William, who married Ruth Hill. This is my Mayflower line that goes back to George Soule through the Hill family. I’ve already written about them.


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  1. Samuel & Mary (nee Wrightman) Boone are my 7th great-grandparents. I am a descendant of their son William & Ruth (nee Hill) Boone.

    1. I have records on Capt. Samuel Boone Jr who married Mary Wightman. Samuel was elected as a Captain through The North Kingstown Company out of Rhode Island. His son, William Boone who married Ruth Hill lived out the remainder of their lives in Burtts Corner. NB. Captain Samuel Boone Jr. was buried in The Lancaster, NB Cemetery. There is a reason why Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. was called ‘Red Sam.’ Do you know the reason why? I have records on Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. his wife Mary Wightman, daughter of Rev. John Wightman and Jane Bentley. son of Reverend George Wightman and Elizabeth Updyke. George’s other son. Reverend Valentine Wightman married Susannah Holmes. the great grand daughter of Roger Williams who also fell under Obediah Holmes. Rev. John Wightman was also the great grandson of Edward Wightman (The Last Martyr) where as John Rogers was the first Martyr who finished William Tyndale’s translation of The New Testament into English. Do you know why most of Capt. Samuel Boone’s records were destroyed on purpose by General William West who was responsible for weeding out Loyalists in the state of Rhode Island?

      1. Oh…I have birth & death dates on all my past descendants from my grandmother to Samuel Boone who married Mary Sweet, the parents of Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. married to Mary Wightman, daughter of Rev. John Wightman, brother of Rev Valentine Wightman, great grandsons of Rev. Edward Wightman. Susannah Holmes married Rev. Valentine Wightman, and Susannah fell under (Obadiah Holmes- Christianity Dot Com) & Roger Williams (University). Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. was stripped of his title, rank, place of birth & 600 acre lot in Exeter, RI. due to refusing to allow his son’s to join a militia. In 1776, C. Samuel Boone was around 58 years old. William Boone & Ruth Hill were both born in North Kingstown & lived out the remainder of their lives in Burt’s Corner, NB. One of their sons, I have to look up, moved to Geary, NB where my mom was born many generations later. Her name was Madeleine Florence Boone. She just passed away this past year. Daughter of Eunice Boone.

    2. Laura…Any chance you’re from Burtts Corner, NB or Geary, NB where William and Ruth lived? As for Mary (Boone) Wightman, she died on The Boone Lot next to Boone Lake in Exeter, Rhode Island. Named after Samuel Boone and Mary Sweet that lake was. Old Families of Rhode Island. Of course, Captain Samuel Boone Jr. was labeled as a Loyalist, striped of his title. place of birth. and 600 acre lot in Exeter, Rhode Island after he refused to allow his sons to join a militia. He was elected Captain through The North Kingstown Company in the 1750s. His sister. Martha, married Capt. Samuel Rhodes, also from The North Kingstown Company. I once found a books that included his lieutenant and ensign’s names. I found it through Google Books. Oh…our ancestry is linked to The Protestant Reformation: Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale. Anne Boleyn, Edward Wightman (well known in Protestant circles for his religious radical ideals who was burned at the stake in England by King James. Of course, John Smyth’s Puritans set out to convince other Puritans and Protestants of forming a Pilgrimage called. ‘The Great Puritan Migration.’ History of Massachusetts. Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. mostly feared losing his sons in a war he didn’t think could be won. He fled to New Brunswick with his sons and son’s wives while his wife remained behind. The Wightman Family didn’t want her to leave with her husband. He kept his nose out of the war. Of course. The Boone name long ago was known as ‘de Bohun.’ The Boone’s in Rhode Island were connected to The Boone’s from Pennsylvannia but further back in time in England. One of William Boone’s sons moved to Geary, NB where Camp Gagetown is near in Oromocto, NB/ They test munitions there for The United Nations. I have a an uncle who is a Boone that works there and lived in Geary, NB. Yes! You are correct…..Canada is where he ended up. Most of his descendants are from around that area. near Fredericton, NB. As you probably know….Many of them remained Baptists.

      1. Sorry for taking so long to reply. I spent half a year in the hospital last year at MGH for a liver transplant. Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. fled to Burtts Corner, NB while his wife, Mary Wightman, remained behind who died on The Boone Lot near Boone Lake and was buried in (north) Kingstown, RI , (Boone Lake: I believe named after his father & mother, Samuel Boone and Mary Sweet. Samuel Boone Jr.’s son, William Boone & wife, Ruth Hill (born: 25th, Jan, 1744 – Kingstown, RI, died: 12 May, 1833), Burtts Corner, NB. William Boone had a son named William Boone Jr. (born: 22 June, 1766, North Kingston, RI. died 17th Nov., 1849. Geary, NB) who married Anne Hayworth (born: 20th of Oct., 1768; died 12th Aug., 1845, Geary, NB). They both moved to Geary, NB near Camp Gagetown in Oromocto, NB. William & Anne’s son was George Boone, born 1796 (waterville, NB) (date unknown), died 1855 (Geary Cemetary, NB) (date unknown) married in Fredericton, N.B. on 15th Oct,, 1823 to Mary Haines (born 21st of Apr. 1808; died 16th May, 1904 in McAdam, NB.), .George & Mary’s son was Samuel Boone (born: 22nd, Aug.,, 1829, died: 10 April, 1907. married to Rebecca Elizabeth Smith (born: 1st of March, 1835 in Geary, NB; died on 22nd March, 1922). The son was George Alonzo Boone, born 20th July, 1855 in Sunbury, NB who married Margeret Lois Harper (born: 15th of October, 1861 in Lauvina, Sunbury County, NB; died on 1 Sept. 1950 in Fredericton Junction, NB. George and Marget’s son was Alfred Fraser Boone born on 26th June, 1913 in Waterville, Sunbury Co., NB who married Eunice Hester Wood born on 23rd of June, 1916. at French Lake, Sunbury County, NB. George Boone born in Waterville, NB in 1796 (date unknown) had 10 children, but his brothers and sisters were Ruth Boone (b. Oct. 1788 / Tracy, NB), Ann Boone (b.10th of March, 1890 / Tracy, NB), William Boone The 3rd (Of course…son of William Boone Jr./ b. 1792 -date unknown /). Martha Boone (b. 1794 -date unknown / Waterville, NB), George Boone (b. 1798 -date unknown). Mary Boone (b. 1798 – date unknown), John Boone (b. 1800 date unknown) James Wightman Boone b.1802- date unknown in Waterville, NB. Hannah Boone (b. 1804 – date unknown in Waterville, NB, Rebecca Elizabeth Boone (b. Oct. 1807 in October (date unknown) Waterville, NB) & Samuel Boone (b.1809 – date unknown in Waterville, NB. I don’t have their dates of birth for most of them, but I do have the dates of who they all married and the names of who they married. That may help. Of course, I could scan all the information I have from my the book my uncle made while doing his research into our family tree. Of course, I did spill a few things on it, but everyone in our family got received a book from my uncle who taught years ago before dying in his late 80ties while I was still alive. Oh…he was obsessed with trying to find links to Daniel Boone, but they were Boones from Pennsylvannia. Not from Rhode Island. Still descendant of King Henry VIII and Mary de Bohun like Humbrey de Bohun was, The Fourth Earl of Hereford. Of course, Rev. Edward Wightman was burned at the stake by King James I (also known as The VI), son of Queen Mary, Queen of The Scots, and Queen Elizabeth I’s rival. who she executed. Of course, Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Queen Anne Boleyn (Protestant), didn’t have any children when she died in 1603 when King James I succeeded to the throne. Of course, then there were Queen Anne Boleyn’s half sister, Mary Tudor (Queen Mary The I also known as Bloody Mary), and their brothers Edward Tudor also known as King Edward VI, and Henry Fitzroy, King Henry VIII’s bastard son. Oh…I can’t help researching into history while researching into my ancestry. Yeah…a descendant of a man burned at the stake by King James I and a descendant of The British Royals at the same time. Of course, The Protestant Reformation Era and Counter Reformation Era by The Roman Catholic Church is a very interesting time especially when there were so few Catholics in 1776 “Roman Catholicism in The United States & Canada” – Encyclopedia Britannica. Of course, I have too much time on my hands researching into the past while on disability in Van Buren, ME. You wouldn’t believe all the things I learned researching into history like Martin Luther and William Tyndale who influenced Queen Anne Boleyn according to The Tudor Society out of London. If I ever wrote a book, I’m pretty sure I could expose High Treason. 52 years old. I’d rather just try to inform others, so I’m sending info out to universities in the hopes that they see what I see, in which, mainstream media isn’t talking about. Oh..they are censoring info from Founders Archives Gov and George Washington’s Website “Mount Vernon Org.’ It really is a huge mess, and they don’t discuss facts on television even when those facts are placed right in front of their faces. Oh…deny, deny, deny…..That is all they do. Ya know….All those Protestant Martyrs from John Rogers, The First Protestrant Martyr of Many were the reasons why Sir Edward Coke introduced The Petition of Rights (1628) that became The Parliament Bill of Rights (1689) honored by The Magna Carta (12th Century) which brought about many of our U.S. Bill of Rights as well as Habeas Corpus, and a person’s guaranteed right to a trial by jury (rogerwilliams dot org / biography dot htm) Parliament Bill of Rights (British Library UK / Encyclopedia Britannica). Sir Edward Coke was a strong defender of the Magna Carta, and he also tried to defend many Protestants after King James I succeeded to the throne and took control over The Church of England. Of course, during The American Revolution, King Frederick II from Prussia who married Princess Mary, the daughter of King George II, supplied Hessian Troops who occupied The Delaware in Trenton, NJ (Battles of Trenton & Princeton – Encyclopedia Britannica – ’10 Facts about George Washington crossing The Delaware’ Mount Vernon Dot Org. Of course, Thomas Jefferson’s Website is Monticello Dot Org, and James Madison’s Website is Montpelier dot org. “To George Washington from Colonel Johann Christoph Koehler, 21 March 1780” – Founders Archives Gov. King Frederick II’s son was Prince William Landgrave IX of Hesse Kassel who supplied British Troops against our U.S. Founding Fathers, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild (*movie The House of Rothschild 1934) was an agent of Prince William Landgrave from Prussia (Germany). Oh…Trump was bailed out of debt by Wilbur Ross, and Hillary and Sen. John McCain’s campaigns were funded by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild who lives on Martha Stewart’s Vineyard who owns E.L. Rothschild Company. Of course, that is all in Forbes Magazine and The L.A. Times. Oh…that is only a fraction of what I know, and Paul Warburg mentioned on The Federal Reserve History Dot Org Website in their article on Jekyll Island was an agent of The Rothschilds. Of course, President Jimmy Carter wrote about Israel’s re-establishment on May 14th, 1948 (History Dot State Dot Gov) due to Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild signing The Balfour Declaration of November, 1917. (also mentioned through History Dot Com and The Encyclopedia Britannica). Of course, History Dot Com also came out with a video on YouTube titled, ‘How The Israel Palestine Conflict Began’ where they mentioned The British who fought The Ottoman Empire for control over Palestine before The British helped re-establish Israel in Palestine. Of course, Arthur James Balfour was a British Statesman *Encyclopedia Britannica. Also linked to The Rothschilds in establishing our Federal Reserve Bank (Federal Reserve Act: December 23rd, 1913 ‘also known as’ our 16th Amendment) was not only established by Paul M Warburg & The Rothschilds, but also by J.P. Morgan, Jacob Schiff, Felix M. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Salmon P. Chase (U.S. Chief Justice). They all met on The J.P. Morgan Estate in 1910 (Biography Channel’s Documentary on J.P. Morgan, G. Edward Griffin’s Book – CSPAN Books -video, and also a whole mess load of Google Books on all of them after conducting a time span search from 1900 to 1930 (MORE button & then click “TOOL’ button when doing a search through Google.). G. Edward Griffin was also interviewed by Glen Beck from Fox News. They are lying to us all. PBS Liberty Hessians – Hessians – Merriam Webster Dictionary. Anyway, if you want, I can scan and send you info on all I have on my ancestry from my uncle’s book. Of course, I ended up digging a bit more into the past learning a whole mess load of info that people don’t know but should know when it comes to the past. Many say that they don’t care, but if all that information leads to “High Treason” against our U.S. Founding Fathers in regards to the past that exposes what faction is controlling our U.S. Government today, then I believe people should know about it. The United States wasn’t based on secrets. There were no Walls under The Liberty Tree in Boston, MA. Oh…my mom’s name was Madeleen Boone. My dad’s name was Joseph Parent. Of course, those that carry The Boone name are descendants of The British Royals except for a black family who changed their name from Bone to Boone. Of course, anyone who is a descendant of Rev. Edward Wightman as well as any other Protestant Martyr are the reasons for Sir Edward Coke’s Petition of Rights and Roger Williams’ Separation of Church & State also known as The Establishment Clause to our U.S. First Amendment – Roger Williams – Separation of Church & State 1631 – onboard The Lyon. Separation of Church & State – Danbury, CT 1803. Yeah, I most definitely know too much. More than that actually. Anyway, frustrating to know that YouTube and Google are censoring that info from Founders dot Archives Dot Gov as well as info from George Washington’s website. And Google is either shadow banning articles from The Encyclopedia Britannica or The Encyclopedia Britannica are erasing information on King Frederick II who supplied Hessian Troops against our U.S. Founding Fathers who occupied The Delaware in Trenton, NJ as well as Newport, Rhode Island during The American Revolution. Also, people forget that most Separatist during The Separatist Movement that led up to The American Revolution were Protestant. Academia Dot Edu states that there were 35,000 Catholics in 1776. Encyclopedia Britannica states that there were 25,000 Catholics in 1776 out of a population of 4.5 million. The PEW Research Center shared graphs on their website showing the population of Catholics from 1776 to present. In 1910, according to their research, only 5% were Catholic in 1776. Do you think they’ll question or mention that through our News Stations? Anyway….frustrated I am knowing too much about the past.

    3. I can name all my ancestors right down to my mom, Madeleen Florence Boone who married my dad, Joseph Rogat Parent (French / Catholic).

    4. Oh…Martha Boone passed away at sea shortly after she married Capt. Samuel Rhodes, and Capt. Samuel Rhodes ended up marrying Martha’s sister, Hannah Boone. Anyway…Roger Williams (Encyclopedia 1630), Obediah Holmes (Christianity dot com) President Abe Lincoln also falls under Obediah Holmes under Sarah Bowne. Susannah’s 1st cousin. Not directly related to Abe Lincoln but close. Anyway, I have a dental appointment at 2:30, so I better get some sleep. Oh..I’m on The Liver Transplant List at MGH in Boston. MA, and I have another surgery coming up on the 23rd of March. 75% chance I’ll make it through that surgery. If you are a descendant of William Boone and Ruth Hill. then you’re also a descendant of The British Royals and a descendant of a man burned at the stake by The British Royals. Oh….the irony of it all.

    5. Oh…Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. and Mary Wightman were the parents of William Boone and Ruth Hill. Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. was the son of John Wightman (a.k.a. Johannis Wightman) who backed Oliver Cromwell during The English Civil War (1642-1651) which led to the execution of King Charles I (Anglican). King Charles I believed in the ways of a King before The Magna Carta in that he should be the ultimate decider of a person’s fate. King Charles I was the son of King James I also known as King James VI who succeeded to the throne on March 24th, 1603, the day that Queen Elizabeth I died who was the daughter of Queen Anne Boleyn (Protestant – King Henry VIII’s 2nd wife of six wives). Of course, King Charles I also angered Protestants when he married a Catholic by the name of Henrietta Maria, the queen’s consort & daughter of King Henri The IVth from France. Of course, King James II, son of King Charles I, was removed from the throne when The Parliament Bill of Rights (1689) was passed after The Glorious Revolution of 1688. – History. Of course, Sir Edward Coke’s Petition of Rights (1628) became The Parliament Bill of Rights honored by The Magna Carta (12th Century) which not only led to The Parliament Bill of Rights but to many of our U.S. Bill of Rights as well as Habeas Corpus & a person’s guaranteed right to a trial by jury. Of course, King James I succeeded to the throne on March 24th, 1603, the day Queen Elizabeth I died. However, King James I (VI) was not the son of Queen Elizabeth I, because she bore no children. King James I was the son of Queen Elizabeth I’s rival, Queen Mary, Queen of The Scots, beheaded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1887.

      Queen Elizabeth I was also known as Elizabeth Tudor born on the 7th of September, 1533.

      On the 15th of November, 1501, Prince Arthur Tudor married Catherine of Aragon, a strict Catholic from Spain. They were both 15 years old when they married. However, Arthur Tudor died on the 2nd of April 1502 after 5 months of marriage.

      On June 11th, 1509, Prince Henry Tudor, also known as King Henry VIII, married Catherine of Aragon, & his eldest daughter’s name was Mary Tudor born February 18th, 1516 also known as Queen Mary I.

      King Henry VIII also had a son born on the 15th of June, 1519. Henry Fitzroy was his name, but he was the son of his mistress, Elizabeth Blount. Henry Fitzroy was illegit to succeed to the throne due to the fact that Henry Fitzroy was King Henry VIII’s bastard son.

      King Henry VIII’s 2nd daughter was, Elizabeth Tudor, born on the 7th of September 1533 named after her grandmother, Elizabeth of York. Elizabeth Tudor was King Henry VIII & Queen Anne Boleyn’s daughter after they married on the 25th of January 1533. King Henry VIII had another son, Edward VI (also known as King Edward VI), born on the 12th of October 1537, with Jane Seymour, his 3rd wife of six wives.

      I’m sure you all probably forget history when it comes to Queen Anne Boleyn influenced by Martin Luther & William Tyndale according to The Tudor Society out of London. Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIII’s most trusted advisor, suggested to King Henry VIII that he establish his own church after Pope Clement VII sent King Henry VIII a letter on January 5th, 1531 refusing to allow King Henry VIII to nullify his marriage to Queen Catherine of Aragon or he would face excommunication from The Roman Catholic Church. Of course, after Anne Boleyn became pregnant, King Henry VIII didn’t want Anne having his child out of wedlock. That is when Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIII’s most trusted advisor, suggested to King Henry VIII that he should form his own church in order to marry Anne Boleyn (Protestant).

      On August 31st, King Henry VIII was excommunicated from The Roman Catholic Church, but that didn’t become official until 1538. Prior to that, Anne Boleyn found out about King Henry VIII’s new mistress, Jane Seymour, before they married while Anne Boleyn carried Elizabeth Tudor in her womb. Anne confronted King Henry VIII about his new mistress, & King Henry VIII walked up to Anne Boleyn’s face, vis a vie, & simply said, “Bare It” as National Geographic put it in their article on Anne Boleyn.

      After King Henry VIII founded The Church of England, he ended up executing Catholic Monks known as The Carthusian Martyrs of London. 18 Carthusians were executed for refusing to accept Henry VIII as The Head of The Church of England. Three Prominent Monks were executed on the 4th of May, 1535 at The Ministry of Tyburn. Of course, Anne Boleyn was a Protestant influenced by Martin Luther (Lutheranism) & William Tyndale, both mentioned through encyclopedias.

      In 1536, Thomas Cromwell accused Anne Boleyn of committing adultery with her brother, George Boleyn & his associates according to The Tudor Society out of London. When Thomas Cromwell accused Anne Boleyn of committing adultery, King Henry VIII was more engaged in seeing Jane Seymour more so than Queen Anne Boleyn. George Boleyn was executed a few days before Queen Anne Boleyn on May 17th, 1536. Anne Boleyn was the first person executed by sword instead of an ax on The 19th of May, 1536. 11 days later on The 30th of May, 1536, King Henry VIII married Jane Seymour. King Henry VIII had cast out his eldest daughter, Mary Tudor, when he married Queen Anne Boleyn, & Mary Tudor (Queen Mary I) tried to work her good grace back in with her father after he had Queen Anne Boleyn & her brother, George Boleyn, executed. However, Mary walked on eggshells trying not to say the wrong words to her father, King Henry VIII.

      Martin Luther’s 95 Theses (1517) spoke of corruption coming from within The Roman Catholic Church under “Pope Leo X” (1514), & there were those in the past who said that Queen Anne Boleyn was more of a Protestant than Martin Luther as mentioned through National Geographic

      – As for Martin Luther “Corruption Roman Catholic Church Early 1500s” – Encyclopedia Britannica”

      Martin Luther was also said to have sparked The Protestant Reformation, but others believe through History Dot Com that Queen Anne Boleyn sparked The Protestant Reformation more so than Martin Luther’s 95 Theses did.

      Martin Luther was also known as the first person who set out to translate The New Testament into German from Greek (Latin). William Tyndale was known as the first person to translate The New Testament into English from Greek (Latin) & burned at the stake in 1536. 3,000 copies were published, but they were illegal to read by the order of The Roman Catholic Church. When King James I succeeded to the throne, William Tyndale’s New Testament Bible became The King James Version of The Bible. However, he persecuted Protestants (Pilgrims – Listen to descendants from The 400 Year Anniversary of The Mayflower). Of course, even those from The Plimouth Plantation know that.

      King James I mostly fined Protestants for attending another Protestant Church other than The Church of England except for Rev. Edward Wightman, The Last Protestant Martyr from The First of Many Protestant Martyrs, John Rogers (John Rogers: Encyclopedias & Christianity Dot Com). John Rogers set out to edit the errors and publish William Tyndale’s New Testament Bible using a pseudonym name ‘Thomas Matthews.’ However, he became the first Protestant Martyr burned at the stake by Queen Mary I in 1555 who reigned from 1553 to 1558 after King Edward VI died, son of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. Sir Edward Coke long ago came to the defense of Protestants after King James I succeeded to the throne. All those Protestant Martyrs are basically the reasons for The Establishment Clause to our U.S. First Amendment also known as The Separation of Church & State, in which, brought “Religious Freedom” to The United States at a time when there weren’t many Catholics. “Roman Catholicism in The United States & Canada” – Encyclopedia Britannica / Academia Dot Edu state 35,000 Catholics in 1776 / The PEW Research Center state 5% were Catholic in 1910 according to their graphs from past to present.
      Of course, that is because Separatists during The Separatist Movement that led to The American Revolution were Protestant. Not Catholic! Protestant! Of course, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison used Roger Williams’ Separation of Church & State to settle the differences between The Remaining Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, and especially The Episcopal Church in Virginia who tried to claim to be the dominant denomination in Virginia after they broke their ties to The Church of England during The American Revolution – U.S. First Amendment Center

      Oh…As I stated, I have the marriage records of who they all married. All the names I mentioned in regards to The Boones. Mary Wightman, Captain Samuel Boone Jr’s wife, remained behind never to see her husband ever again. Mary Wightman died on The Boone Lot near Boone Lake in Exeter, Rhode Island and was buried in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. -Kingstown, Rhode Island.

      In other words, your direct ancestor was one of the reasons for our U.S. First Amendment, Reverend Edward Wightman. William Boone, who married Ruth Hill, was the great great grandson of Rev. Edward Wightman, The Last Protestant Martyr.

  2. Very interesting I too am a descendant of Samuel Boone through his son, William and wife Ruth Hill. I was raised in Fredericton, Nb but now live in Saint John, NB. Lots of good information here, thank you!

    1. I too am a decendent of Samuel’s(1717- ) son William and his wife Ruth Hill. William(1743-1828) was my father Spoffard Barker Boone’s(1893-1956) 3thd great grandfather . His father Spoffard Sr. was born in New Brunswick 1856 and passed in Milford Ma. 1928. His parents were William Murray( 1827-1870 )and Hannah Nasons . William Murray’s father was Everett DeWitt Boone (1795-1835.) He was the son of Samuel (1764-1848) and Catherine DeWitt. He was the son of William Hull (1743-1828) and Mary Ruth Hill

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