Samuel Boone & Mary Sweet, No. Kingstown, RI + Her Parents

Today, I need to recap a loose end – the parents of Mary Sweet, who married Samuel Boone, plus share the life story of Samuel, Mary and their family.

While trying to find documentation that Valentine and Eleanor Sweet were the parents of Mary, wife of Samuel Boone of North Kingstown, Rhode Island in the early 1700s, I actually was able to disprove the relationship.

Ironically, proof positive was found on the same page of North Kingstown land deeds that showed Valentine Sweet selling land to Samuel Boone.

Bottom Portion of Page 165

The top portion of page 165 is a land deed filed from James Sweet to “my Loveing son in law Samuell Boone.”

Top Half of Page 165

However, not much more is known about James Sweet and wives (1) Hannah and (2) Mary (Pearce) Hill, widow of Robert Hill of Prudence Island, Rhode Island. James and Mary married between 1690-1711, which is quite a span of years.

James Sweet was born 8 May 1657 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, the son of James Sweet and Mary Greene. His first wife was Hannah (MNU) and they were the parents of possibly only two children. James and Mary Pearce Hill had no children together.


  1. Mary, born c1685; married Samuel Boone, c1706
  2. James; married Sarah Stephenson, 14 December 1722, Portsmouth, Rhode Island, but both of Prudence Island. James is identified as the son of James and Hannah Sweet

There is no indication of when James, the son, was born and some say Sarah was a second wife.

However, I have satisfied myself that James and Hannah are the parents of Mary who married Samuel Boone, so I will move onto their large family.

Samuel Boone was born c1680, probably England or Wales. He married Mary Sweet, c1706, probably in North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. Samuel left a will, probated in 1766, but his wife isn’t mentioned. However, it partially burned and it is possible that Mary is mentioned in the destroyed portion.

Children, with all births registered in North Kingstown:

  1. Hannah, born 16 October 1707; not in her father’s will
  2. Ann, born 18 September 1709; married Mr. Ga___ (name burned on records). Ann may have married Job Gardiner, as that is the only family whose surname begins with GA. One Ann Gardiner died on 15 March 1776 in North Kingstown.
  3. Mary, born 10 January 1711; not in her father’s will
  4. Freelove, born 10 July 1713; died c1741; married David Vaughn, 7 December 1738, North Kingstown or East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. The marriage is recorded in both towns, but they likely married in the bride’s town of North Kingstown. David married (2) Mary Bailey, 11 January 1742, East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.
  5. Susannah, born 7 May 1715; married John Walton, by 1735
  6. Samuel, born 9 April 1717; died c1783, New Brunswick, Canada; married Mary Wightman, 6 December 1736, North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island. She died in 1782 in Rhode Island.
  7. Sarah, born 7 February 1718; not in her father’s will
  8. James, born 28 November 1720; probably is the James who married Mary Updike, 21 April 1745, North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island
  9. Abigail, born 13 April 1723; married Mr. Smith per her father’s will
  10. Elizabeth, born 19 March 1727; died 24 July 1799, North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island; married (1) Mr. Peckham, c1748 and had one son, Benjamin Peckham (2) John Lea, 31 October 1756, Newport County, Rhode Island

I haven’t found an online digital image, nor are the North Kingstown wills in the FamilySearch collection, but his will is found in volume 8, pages 292-293.

3 thoughts on “Samuel Boone & Mary Sweet, No. Kingstown, RI + Her Parents”

  1. After reading this article I looked for the will of James Sweet (Jr) , proposed father of Mary, wife of Samuel Boone. James Sweet (Jr) married 2nd Mary Pearce, widow of Robert Hill. James Sweet Jr’s will, dated 23 Apr 1718 names sons Thomas, James and Samuel and sons-in-law, William Hill and William Allin. No daughters are mentioned in this will this raises a couple of questions:
    1) Why is there no mention of Mary, wife of Samuel Boone? Both were alive and living in North Kingstown.
    2) Were the sons-in-law William Hill and William Allin married to James’ daughters, or were they related through the marriage to Mary Pearce Hill.

    William Hill was a son of Robert Hill and Mary Pearce, but his wife, Mercy could have been a daughter of James Sweet and his first wife, and they were raised in the same household and eventually married.

    William Allin has been proposed to have married a Martha Sweet, but no proof of this has been found.

    Samuel Boone, William Hill and William Allin all were of North Kingstown. I am likely a descendant of William Hill and his wife, Mercy, so if Mercy could be identified as a Sweet this would be ….well….sweet!

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