Once Again, Vintage Summer at Little Sebago Lake

It’s time for another visit to the idyllic days of vintage Little Sebago Lake in Maine. My grandparents’ camp was a wonderful place to summer, in spite of the lack of potable water, hot water, indoor heating (aside from the fireplace in the main cabin) and inside toilet.

Grandmother and Grandfather rented for a few years before they purchased this property. These are some of my earliest photos of the family enjoying the lake. Given that my parents are there and my younger aunt isn’t married, nor am I yet around, the pictures date somewhere between the summers of 1947 and 1951.

Cottage View from the Lake

The Boat is Ready to Go!

Grandfather was pretty handy – he built this dock himself and got it set up in the water.

My Aunt with a Camera

Notice the laundry on the line – washed, most likely in the lake, and the guest cabin. The open door was, for the first few years, the wood shed. Later, Grandfather converted it into a second bedroom. No bathrooms in the guest cabin, though, nor was there any heat source. It got quite chilly at night!

The Only Heat Source

This is a much later photo, probably closer to 1960, but the fireplace was still there. On rainy days, I’d be on the floor with a coloring book, a book to read or a paint by number picture to keep me busy. Right in front of the warm fire was the place to be!

A Second View of the Guest Cabin

Aunt Barbara, King and Grandmother Enjoying the Outdoors


Aunt Barbara

The Family B.L. (Before Linda)

Everyone got in the picture – Grandfather and Grandmother with King and I think the kitten grew up to be the cat I knew as Scheherizade, or Sherry, with our dog, Mickey, both my aunts and my parents.

Camp was a place to relax and take walks through the woods.

Road to Camp

I have no idea how many miles Aunt Barbara and I walked on this road. It was fun unless it had rained and a car went by us!

My Aunt Waterskiing

Everyone would do a bit of swimming and waterskiing or head out on boat rides. Some were in the motor boat, while another kind of boat gave a great workout!

Mom and Me, Ready to go Rowing

Mom, with Grandmother in the Foreground

Sometimes, the boat ride led to an uninhabited beach across the lake. Occasionally, another family would be there, too, but for the most part, it was like owning a private piece of paradise.

Later in the summer, I’ll share a few more photos from the good old days!




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