New GeneaGem: GenGateway

While browsing public library collections, I stumbled across a website I’d never heard of before, which is unusual. This one is my newest GeneaGem – GenGateway.

First, it doesn’t look like this website has been updated since 2013. HOWEVER – as far as I can tell, the links to American, Irish, Scottish, UK and, within World Genealogy – Canada – all work.

Where do the links go? They link to various histories and genealogies related to the category. These appear to be all copyright free, public domain publications. Yes, Google might find them, but even Google sometimes misses that one resource that you’d love to access. Some are links to actual digital images of the book, while others might be a table of contents, etc.

Here are samples of the resources under each geographical area.




The other links in the menu list are mostly nothing. There are quite a few Ancestry ads here, which makes me wonder if Ancestry has bought this site and chose not to update it.

There is also no way to search for one location within the categories, but the lists aren’t so long that it would be a big deal to scroll down them.

In spite of that, the links to the books are all free and are well worth checking out. You might find a new historical resource that will aid your research.


2 thoughts on “New GeneaGem: GenGateway”

  1. Most of the links I looked at (for) do not work – they seem to use an url-shortening service which appears to no longer exist.

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