Family Photo Geneameme

I do love geneamemes and decided to create my own, so here is the Family Photo Geneameme 2018. Perhaps new distant cousins will recognize a name and contact me – I can always hope!

The rules are short and simple –

  1. In ABC order, share family photos of ancestors, both direct line and collateral members. Letters can represent first, middle or last names.
  2. You can include yourself if you want, but no descendants, either direct or collateral lines.
  3. If necessary, you can bend the rules a bit to include a place name where the person lived.
  4. You can also include photos of your spouse’s line.
  5. Have fun!

Here is my list:

A is for Anna Murcko (1872-1967):

B is for Sarah Brawn (1786-1851+)

C is for Charles Adams Chadwick (1923-2006):

D is for Doris Priscilla Adams (1923-2008):

 E is for Charles Edwin Adams (1877-1922)

F is for Fabian Cousins:

G is for George Michael Sabo (1926-1985)

H is for Hazel Ethel Coleman (1901-1995)

I is for West Isles, New Brunswick, Canada:

J is for Anna Elisabeth Jensen:

K is for Maria Kacsenyak (1859-1926):

L is for Lulu Adams (1870-1918):

M is for Michael Scerbak (1868-1932):

N is for Cousin Nick (still with us at 96!):

O is for Oliver Tarbox (1884-1898):

P is for Peter Scerbak (1895-1972):

R is for Ridgewood High School, & Doris Adams, Class of 1941:

S is for Mary Elizabeth Scripture (1827-1866):

T is for Nellie F. Tarbox (1856-1927):

U is for Ujak/Udol, Slovakia, the Scerbak ancestral home:

V is for Vernon Tarbox Adams (1899-1968):

W is for Nola Wentworth (1894-1978):

Not bad, as I can cover all the letters except for Q, X, Y and Z. My Molin ancestors lived in Ystad, Sweden, but I have no pictures from there, so it doesn’t count.

I love looking at old photos so I hope some of you decide to take part in the Family Photo Geneameme. I’ll be there looking at them.:)



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