Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Celebrate Mother’s Day – Show Us Some Photos

Of course with Mother’s Day being this weekend, it’s a natural that Randy Seaver’s weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge would be tied into the holiday and it is.

Our challenge from Randy for this week:

1) Sunday, 13 May is Mother’s Day in the USA.  Let’s celebrate it by showing some of our photos with our mother.  

2)  Extra credit:  What did you call your mother during her life?  What did your children call your mother?  

3)  More extra credit:  Have you written a biography or tribute to your mother?  If so, please share a link if you have one.

4)  Share your photo(s) on your own blog post or in a Facebook or Google + post.  Leave a link on this blog post to  help us find your Mom photos.

I feel very fortunate to have hundreds of family photos and, of course, some of them are of Mom and me.

Mom and Me, Winter 1952-53

I’d say it was chilly out on the day that Dad took a picture of Mom and me in the backyard at 49 Summer Street in Passaic. I’m all bundled up and, while Mom isn’t wearing gloves, that was a comfy warm jacket (that I vaguely remember!)

Mom and Me, c Summer 1953

I have no idea what water we are in – it could be the Atlantic Ocean along the New Jersey shore or somewhere along the Massachusetts shoreline.

Me, Mom and My Brother, August 1958

This picture was taken at my grandparents’ camp at Little Sebago Lake in August 1958. The aluminum tub that my brother was in was the official bath tub until we were old enough to bathe in the lake!

Mom (left, Me and Aunt Barbara, June 1970

My grandmother and Aunt Barbara drove from Massachusetts to Wayne, New Jersey for my high school graduation in June 1970.

This was a learning experience for me – I never thought much about it, but there are few photos of Mom and me together because she was usually the photographer!

2. What did I call my mother? Mommy when I was little and then always Mom. My son called her Grandma Doris because Dave’s mom was Grandma Ruby. It was too confusing when we had family gatherings for both to be just Grandma.

3. I have written about my mother, as a WAVE in the U.S. Navy.

Doris Priscilla Adams, 1923-2008
WAVE in World War II

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
We miss you.



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