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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) becomes the law of the land tomorrow, 25 May 2018. At least, it’s the law of the land in the European Union, but how does it affect those of us who aren’t EU citizens and don’t live there?

Everyone has a lot of questions and, as I began to compile resources for myself, I realized that there are probably many others out there who have the same questions that I have.

First, the disclaimer:
I am not a lawyer and am NOT giving legal advice.

I am sharing links to various resources that I have found to help me wade through the requirements to become GDPR-compliant. The information contained in these links seems to be a bit more factual and less hysterical and/or mythological than some websites I’ve found, so you may find them useful, too.

First, many thanks to Tony Proctor (who I don’t think can read this because I’ve blocked Europe), who writes Parallax View, for this article:
The Blogger’s Guide to GDPR on Pipdig

From the ICO (Information commissioner’s Office) in the U.K.:
Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation

From TOTS100, a U.K. website:
Do These Ten Things to Comply with GDPR

From Shaumik Daityari on codeinwp, a WordPress blog:
Your WordPress GDPR Guide: What Does the New Data Regulation Mean for Your Website, Business and Data?

Next, Thomas MacEntee has shared what he is doing to become GDPR compliant in this Abundant Genealogy Facebook video:
GDPR and Mailchimp: How to Update Your Mailchimp List for GDPR Compliance

Mondays with Myrt had a long discussion about GDPR this week (about the last half hour of the broadcast):
Mondays with Myrt – 21 May 2018 on YouTube

Judy G. Russell, The Legal Genealogist, has been writing about GDPR all this week, sharing measures she is taking to become compliant. Note that Judy is NOT dispensing legal advice, either.
The GDPR, You and Me

Cutting Cookies – Part 2 of GDPR and More

A GDPR Favor to Ask. . .

Delivering the (e)mail

Whether you are running a genealogically related business or blog for fun, these resources should help you get a handle on GDPR. I will be amending and tweaking my own compliance statement as I learn more about GDPR, but my statement WILL appear in the main menu bar on this blog.

As I find new worthwhile links, I will add them to this list.

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