Releasing Moses, Bartlett, Henry Umy, Isom, Sal, Isaac, Celia & Reuben, Scott County, KY 1793

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While looking for Holland and Thompson data in Scott County, Kentucky, I came across the inventory of the estate of Samuel Thomas, recorded in the October 1793 court term minutes. Ann Thomson was the administratrix. Although Samuel Thomas’s name is clearly written, because it is so similar to Thomson, I’m not sure of Samuel’s surname, but I will leave that for others to follow up.

Note that the Thompson surname is spelled as Thompson, Thomson, Thomason and Thomison just in this one document.

The complete inventory isn’t that long, but I am only going to transcribe the portion relating to the enslaved people.

Source: FamilySearch

28th October 1793

Moses to Saml Thompson, 55-0-0
Bartlett to Richard Thompson, 50-0-0
Charles Daniel to Negro Henry, 40-0-0
Nancy Thompson to Negro Umy, 50-0-0
William Daniel to Negro Isom, 30-0-0
David Shelton to Ditto Sal, 40-0-0
Nelson Thomson to Do. Isaac, 28-0-0
Fanny Thomason to Do. Celia, 25-0-0
Poindexter Thomison to Do. Reuben, 15-0-0

This inventory is found in the will records of Scott County, Kentucky, 1792-1809, volume A:10-11.


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