Is This Cute Little Girl a Stufflebean?

It’s time for another mystery photo on my collection. I think this picture probably dates to the 1920s era. It was most likely taken in Oklahoma or Texas and is among my Stufflebean family photos.

John Henry Stufflebean had quite a few children – 14 to be exact – and most grew to adulthood. Not long into the 20th century, though, most of the children only had daughters, so there are a lot of choices as to who this might be.

However, this young lady doesn’t really resemble any of the other children I have in photos. The paper casing around this picture is unmarked and no one has labeled anything on the back.

I certainly wish I knew who the people in my mystery photos were. My suggestion to you – make sure you’ve labeled all of your family photos!

One thought on “Is This Cute Little Girl a Stufflebean?”

  1. The style of this little girl’s dress seems to indicate Roaring Twenties. She seems dressed up (necklace, nice shoes). Some family occasion? Or a guest, not a relative? Best of luck matching her to a family member!

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