Hunting for Today’s Stufflebean Cousins: Eula Lee Stufflebean (1914-1991)

Eula Lee Stufflebean was the fourth child and third daughter born to John Henry Stufflebean and his second wife, Addie Lucinda Belcher Stufflebean.

Eula Lee was born on 4 June 1914 in Noble, Cleveland, Oklahoma.

Eula Lee, a couple of years later

Eula Lee Stufflebean, young lady

Eula Lee married Thomas Franklin Harding about 1932, likely in Noble, Cleveland, Oklahoma. Thomas was born in 1909 and died in 1986 in Noble, Oklahoma.

Eula Lee survived him by five years, passing away on 20 January 1991, also in Noble, Oklahoma.

Eula Lee and Thomas had two children. The younger was a daughter, Mary Lou, born 25 October 1935 and who died on 24 April 2002 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She was married, but it is unknown whether she had any children.  As far as I can tell, Eula’s other child might still be living.

Here’s another call to Stufflebean descendants – if you are related, please contact me.


3 thoughts on “Hunting for Today’s Stufflebean Cousins: Eula Lee Stufflebean (1914-1991)”

  1. Eula Lee Stufflebean was my grandmother. She had two daughters, Mary Lou and Carolyn Sue. Carolyn Sue Higbee is my mother. She is still alive and living in Norman, Oklahoma. Mary Lou had four (4) boys. Her husband, David Edgar passed away in late 2018.

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