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NOTE: This post will be updated as I learn more about the requirements of GDPR.

The European Union’s new GDPR law takes effect this Friday, 25 May 2018. Apparently the law is quite complicated and no one is really sure how it will be implemented and enforced.

Empty Branches on the Family Tree is not a business – nothing is sold on this site, nor is subscription by email an option. I personally maintain no lists of any kind relating to this website, nor do I share contact information via commenters’ email addresses with any person, organization or company.

I don’t write about living people, with the exception of mentioning my husband or my son and perhaps referencing a living cousin, who is not named or personally identifiable.

Until the guidelines for GDPR are firmed up, access to my blog will be limited to the United States and Canada, which is pretty much the way it was before GDPR.

Empty Branches launched in January 2014. Because emails are recorded for all who have left comments in the past,  I have gone through all comments back to the beginning and have deleted all (as far as I can tell) from readers outside the U.S. and Canada.

If anyone in the U.S. or Canada would like their comments removed, please let me know!

This blog requires the use of several auxiliary companies. Each has its own privacy policy:





Blue Host

Although I know very little about the GDPR law, which only applies to European Union citizens, I think Empty Branches on the Family Tree is in compliance with GDPR at this time.


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