Friday’s Family History Finds

The best Family History Finds this week:

Family Stories

Great-Grandpa Marks History with His Love of Making Explosives by Vera Miller on Find Lost Russian & Ukrainian Family

Stories from Sadness by Lori Samuelson on Genealogy at Heart

Estelle Goldsmith: Woman of the World by Amy Cohen on Bromanblog: A Family Journey

Murder in the Family by Robyn on Reclaiming Kin

Johann Michael Mueller and Johann Jacob Stutzman – Half Brother Saga, It’s Complicated – 52 Ancestors #194 by Roberta Estes on DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

Genealogical Healing by Michael Dwyer on Vita Brevis

Research Resources

How to Search for Huguenot Ancestors in France by Jacques Gagne on Genealogy Ensemble

Virginia’s Revolutionary War Public Service Claims on The Family Sleuther

Postcards Update and Tens of Thousands of New Documents on Genealogy Quebec! by Institut Drouin

Finding Your Ancestors in Local Farming Club Records by Melissa Barker on The In-Depth Genealogist

National Library of Scotland Adds Maps 1840s to 1940s to Website by Gail Dever on Genealogy à la Carte

Why You Should Look for Archives in Museums by Melissa Barker on Lisa Louise Cooke

Tech News

The Blogger’s Guide to GDPR on Pipdig

Privacy Issues by Wayne Shepheard on Discover Genealogy

GDPR, all by Judy G. Russell, The Legal Genealogist:

The GDPR, You and Me

Cutting Cookies – Part 2 of GDPR and More

A GDPR Favor to Ask. . .

Delivering the (e)mail

Genetic Genealogy

GEDmatch Again Used to Identify a Suspected Murderer by Dick Eastman on Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Project Groupings and How to Get the Most Out of Projects at Family Tree DNA by Roberta Estes on DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy


Finding Aunt Samantha by Judy G. Russell on The Legal Genealogist

Resources for Reading Old Handwriting by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

Proving ancient lineage by today’s standards:
Was Eleanor of Aquitaine My Ancestor? Generation 6 – Dorothea Smulders by Yvette Hoitink on Dutch Genealogy

Who Was Elizabeth Beale? by Suzi on Family Mystery

Education Is for Everyone

Research Like a Pro Available in Print by Diana Elder on Family Locket

Jamboree 2018 Live Streaming – It’s Open! by Megan Lee on Genealogy Jamboree Blog

Where Is the “Hidden or Deep Web?” by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

State Lineage Societies and Pioneer Programs by Sheri Fenley on The Educated Genealogist

A fee-based workshop:
What the Pros Know: Research Secrets by Janine Adams on Organize Your Family History

Revised: AmericaGen Study Group Sessions by DearMyrtle on Myrt’s Musings

Keeping Up with the Times

Meghan Markle’s Maternal Family by Christopher C. Child on Vita Brevis

Do You Use Twitter? I Do by Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings

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