Coming Up: SCGS Jamboree!

The 2018 SCGS Genealogy Jamboree is only a few weeks away now, but it’s not too late to register!

This year, Jamboree has an updated format, as there are three different choices to attend on Thursday, opening day.

First, everyone has the opportunity to attend JamboFree.

Sessions open at 8:30 a.m. and feature a genealogy basics class, followed by three round table discussions, presented by multiple participants experienced in each topic field. There are breaks in between the sessions, the last of which ends at 6:00 p.m.

Thursday has been the traditional day for Jamboree’s Genetic Genealogy Day and this year is no different. Attendance at the Thursday DNA sessions requires a separate registration fee of $170/ members or $190/non-SCGS members with $20 off if you are also registered for the regular Jamboree sessions .

Genetic Genealogy Day is always extremely popular and there are a number of very familiar names in the presenters’ list.

SCGS has listened to previous requests to add a writer’s workshop day, which is brand new this year. However, for some, difficult choices must be made because Jamboree’s Family History Writers Conference also takes place on Thursday and has its own registration fee of $140/members or $160/non-members with $20 off if you are also registered for the regular Jamboree sessions.

Finally, as if there weren’t enough activities to keep you busy on Thursday, the Exhibit Hall will be open from 12:30-6:00 p.m.! Visiting the vendors and checking out all the products and wares is a learning activity by itself.

That is just Day 1!

Friday and Saturday, Days 2 and 3, feature multiple sessions running all day long.

There are tons of topics from which to choose, including DNA sessions if you aren’t able to attend Thursday’s Genetic Genealogy Day.

Here are a few of the class sessions to whet your appetite:

Mapping the Freedmen’s Bureau: Understanding the Website by
Angela Walton-Raji

DNA of the British Isles by David Nicholson

The French and Indian Wars by Craig Scott

5 Steps to Identify a Family Photograph by Maureen Taylor

Y Haplogroups and the Peopling of Europe by Jim Brewster

Bankruptcy to Equity: Using Federal Court Records by Michael Strauss

An Overview of Researching Hispanic Ancestry by Colleen Greene

These are only a tiny sampling of the over 120 class sessions on offer!

Jamboree also has four DNA workshops scheduled on Friday and Saturday, which require individual registration fees.

There is truly something for everyone here. I recognize many of the speakers, having heard them at RootsTech or elsewhere, but there are also many new-to-me names, which I love, because it gives me the chance to learn from them, too.

I am really looking forward to the 2018 Genealogy Jamboree! It gives me a chance to reconnect with friends from far and wide, attend great learning sessions (which fan my avid genealogy addition even more!) and enjoy some great SoCal weather.

Every serious genealogist needs to extend his/her knowledge base and there is no better way than to experience a fun genealogy conference.

If you haven’t quite decided whether or not to attend, I’d highly recommend coming to Jamboree 2018.

Just before Jamboree begins, I’ll share my preliminary session choices with you.



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