California, Here I Come! SCGS Genealogy Jamboree 2018

SCGS Genealogy Jamboree 2018

It’s almost time! Just over a week to go until I get on the road.

And I’m not about to let a measly 500 miles get in my way, either!

I’m beginning to get excited, too! Genealogy conferences are a great way to hone your research skills, visit with old friends and make new ones.

With just a week before it begins, Jamboree is at the forefront of my thoughts and I had to finally narrow down some of my session choices so I have a loosely formulated schedule to follow.

Although I am a member of SCGS, I can’t contribute in many ways, living 500 miles away. However, I can help others and I’ve volunteered for two time slots as a Research Assistance Consultant. I’m looking forward to the half hour stints. It must be the (retired) teacher in me, but it’s a way I can give back to the genealogy community.

I’ve registered for the regular Friday and Saturday Jamboree, but not for either the DNA or writers’ workshops on Thursday.

How do I choose among so many great sounding lectures? In one of two ways. First, and foremost, is the topic relevant to my current research or subject matter about which I want to learn more? Second, is the speaker a person I’ve never heard in person, but would like to?

If a particular time slot doesn’t have offerings that fit my first method, then I look at the speakers presenting. Sometimes, the presentations are geared towards beginners, but that’s okay. I often learn several new tidbits in them.

Here are my tentative first picks:

On Friday, I plan to attend The Draper Manuscripts: Clues for the Ride West by David McDonald, who I know as a blogger (Thinking Genealogically, which is no longer published), but have not heard speak at a conference. That class will be followed by Reconstructing a Life: Chasing Uncle William Through the Wilds of Cyberspace by Annette Burke Little, Advancing Your Genealogy Research with DNA by Ross Curtis, I Am Poor, Obscure, Plain and Little. Researching the Invisible Ancestor with Michael Lacopo, Digging for Ancestors at the Bureau of Land Management with Michelle Roos Goodrum and finishing the day at I Remember Mama (But Not Her Maiden Name): Finding Female Ancestors by Mary Kircher Roddy.

Saturday will be another intense day, beginning at 8:30 with Civil War Medical Records, presented by Craig R. Scott and moving on to How to Get More from Your DNA with by Shannon Christmas, Digging Pennsylvania Roots from Your Desk Top by James Beidler, How Research Plans Can Up Your Genealogical Game with Annette Burke Little, “How Dare You Say That?” When You Discover Bad News About Your Family by Kate Eakman and, last, but not least, Where to Start When You Get Stuck by Janet Hovorka.

I think I will be a very busy bee for two days, but I know from past experience at Jamboree that the exhaustion I’ll be feeling won’t stop my brain from racing on, thinking about all the new strategies and resources I will be using. 🙂






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