Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: The Weather on the Day You Were Born

Being Saturday night, we all know what time it is – it’s time for Randy Seaver’s weekly challenge on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

Here are the guidelines:

1)  Have you ever wondered what the weather was like on the day you were born?  Was it a bright, sunny day, or a wet and windy dreary day?

2)  Go to the website and follow the directions.  Put in your birthdate and birthplace and find out what the weather was on that day. [Note that it only goes back to 1901.]

3)  For extra credit :), find out the weather when your parents and your spouse(s) were born.

My family, with the exception of my mother, all have winter birthdays and the weather report on our days of birth certainly reflect the season!

I was born 7 March 1952 in the midst of 32 degrees temperature and snowfall.

My husband, born in Los Angeles, didn’t fare much better even though there have been many, many days of California sunshine and warmth in January and February.

My father was born on 9 February 1926. 19 degrees and snow must have made it difficult for help to arrive as my dad was born at home.

You might think that with a June birthday, the family would have been barbecueing in the backyard when my mother was born, but that certainly wasn’t the case with it being 48 degrees outside with pouring down rain.

Only one of my grandparents was born in the 20th century (the earliest weather year on the website is 1901), Hazel Coleman Adams. She didn’t stand a chance of coming on a good weather day, being born in February in northern Maine:

My son was also born in the winter, on New Year’s Day, one of the coldest Rose Parade days that I remember from my 32 years living in California, at a windy 36 degrees.

On the other hand, both of my in-laws were born in the Oklahoma summers.

My father-in-law was born on 6 June 1917 in Norman, Oklahoma, on a day when the weather was probably near perfect at 68 sunny degrees.

Lastly, my mother-in-law was born on 10 July 1919 in Verden, Oklahoma. The weather that day, with no air conditioning, was likely a bit uncomfortable at a steamy 91 degrees.

This website is a lot of fun. Thank you, Randy, for yet another fun activity this week.


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