Happy Easter 2018

Easter Greetings from 1905
Source: My Personal Collection

Fun Facts About the White House Easter Egg Roll

Did you know:

  1. The egg roll was held on the Capitol grounds until 1876, when the grounds were somewhat trampled and Congress banned the activity at the Capitol.
  2. President Rutherford B. Hayes issued an order in 1878 allowing children to use the South Lawn of the White House for an Easter Egg Roll.
  3. The event has only been cancelled due to bad weather and World Wars I and II.
  4. Children aged 13 and younger may participate with their parents.
  5. Although other games may be played, the main activity is rolling a hard boiled egg across the lawn.
  6. Each participant used to receive a special presidential wooden egg with the signatures of the President and the First Lady. (I can’t verify if that still happens.)
  7. In recent times, as many as 35, 000 children have taken part in any given year.
  8. The record for highest number of participants was set in 1937 – 53, 180 children!
  9. Today, thousands of families enter a lottery to be chosen.
  10. The event is still hosted by the President and the First Lady.

Have a happy, blessed Easter.



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