From How Many Men of the Same Name Do You Descend?

Today’s post is one just for fun. From how many men with the same name are you descended? Are the same-name ancestors in consecutive generations or are they separated by one or more generation in between?

My longest same name line is that of four Joses Bucknams, three in consecutive generations, then a James Bucknam sneaks in there before the 4th Joses, who  was a Revolutionary War soldier.

Here is my line, beginning with the immigrant, who is the father of the first Joses:

  1. William Bucknam, born c1602, England; died 28 March 1679, Malden, Middlesex, MA; married Sarah Knower, c1640
  2. Joses Bucknam, born 3 July 1641, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; died 24 August 1694, Malden, Middlesex, MA; married Hannah Knower, c1665
  3. Joses Bucknam, born January 1666/7, Malden, Middlesex, MA; died 5 April 1741, Malden, Middlesex, MA; married Hannah Peabody, 24 February 1690/1, Topsfield, Essex, MA
  4. Joses Bucknam, born 17 April 1692, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; died 25 August 1757, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; married Phebe Tuttle, 23 August 1713, Boston, Suffolk, MA
  5. James Bucknam, born 3 January 1724/5, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA; died 10 October 1799, Malden, Middlesex, MA; married Mary Goddard, 17 September 1747, Roxbury, Suffolk, MA
  6. Joses Bucknam, 6 March 1760, Malden, Middlesex, MA; died 18 April 1835, Mason, Hillsboro, NH; married Abigail Hay, 19 September 1786, Wakefield, Middlesex, MA
  7. Mary Goddard Bucknam, born 11 February 1801, Mason, Hillsboro, NH; died 21 August 1879, Glenburn, Penobscot, ME: married Oliver Scripture, 1 December 1819, Washington, Sullivan, NH
  8. Mary Elizabeth Scripture, born 2 December 1827; died 11 March 1866, Calais, Washington, ME; married George Rogers Tarbox, 29 November 1848, Nashville, Hillsboro, NH
  9. Nellie F. Tarbox, born 28 June 1856, Robbinston, Washington, ME; died 23 December 1927, Boston, Suffolk, MA; married Calvin Segee Adams, 1 February 1875, Calais, Washington, ME
  10. Charles Edwin Adams, born 11 January 1877, Calais, Washington, ME; died 24 January 1922, Calais, Washington, ME; married Annie Maude Stuart, 21 September 1898, Worcester, Worcester, MA
  11. Vernon Tarbox Adams, born 3 May 1899, Calais, Washington, ME; died 7 December 1968, Boston, Suffolk, MA; married Hazel Ethel Coleman, 19 July 1920, Calais, Washington, ME
  12. Doris Priscilla Adams, born 7 June 1923, Calais, Washington, ME; died 23 July 2008, Haledon, Passaic, NJ; married George Michael Sabo, 6 June 1947, Hackensack, Bergen, NJ
  13. Linda Anne Sabo – me!

So, what’s your longest line of same name ancestors?

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