Stufflebean Mystery Photo, c1920s: Who Is She?

Stufflebean Family Collection of Photos

Who is this elegantly dressed young woman? This photo is part of the Stufflebean photos that we inherited from Dave’s parents. I suspect that she is a daughter of one of John Henry Stufflebean’s nine sons, but my father-in-law did not make any notes on the back of this picture, as he did on some others.

There is no photographer’s mark on the back, either, although I am quite sure this picture was taken in the area around Norman, Oklahoma, as that is where the family lived.

My mystery lady is dressed to the nines with not only a dainty necklace, but her dress or wrap is fur trimmed.

It looks to me like this picture dates maybe to the 1930s, perhaps approaching 1940.

Can you help identify her?

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