Sampson Mason and Mary Butterworth of Rehoboth, MA: Who Were Their Parents?

Have you taken a good look at any of your ancestral lines that have been ignored for quite a few years? This is exactly what I’ve been doing and I’ve made some terrific discoveries. Many of my colonial New England lines have been extended further back in time because other researchers have worked on them.

Sampson Mason and Mary Butterworth are my 8X great grandparents.  They married by 1651 and first settled in Dorchester. Sampson was a cordwainer, a man who made shoes from new leather,  who acquired wealth over time.

Their children:

  1. Noah, born c1651, probably in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts; died 2 March 1699/1700, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; married (1) Martha, c1674 (2) Sarah Fitch, 6 December 1677, Rehoboth, Bristol, Rhode Island
  2. Sampson, born c1654; died after 1743
  3. John, born c1656, probably Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, as he was about four years old when John Gurnell brought him to be baptized; died 18 March 1682/83, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Content Wales, 15 October 1679, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts. for whatever odd reason, John lived with John Gurnell and his wife, raised by them in Dorchester. John Mason and wife Content Wales, had no children.
  4. Samuel, born c1656, probably Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Miller, 28 March 1682, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
  5. Sarah, born 15 February 1657/58; no further record. Died young?
  6. Mary, born 7 February 1659/60, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; died 15 November 1727, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Ephraim Wheaton, 7 January 1684/85
  7. James, born 30 October 1661, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; died young
  8. Joseph, born 6 March 1662/63, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; married (1) Anna Daggett, 12 March 1682/83, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts (2) Lydia Bowen, 4 September 1686, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts
  9. Bethiah, born 15 October 1665, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; died before 1712; married John Wood, 23 May 1688, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts
  10. Isaac, born 15 July 1667, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; died 25 January 1741/42, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Hannah (MNU)
  11. Pelatiah, born 1 April 1669, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; died 29 March 1763, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Hepzibah Brooks, 22 May 1694, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. Hepzibah was born 1674; died 1727. Peletiah married (2) Hannah Hale, 22 November 1733, Swansea, Bristol, Masschusetts (3) Sarah Allen, 17 January 1760, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts
  12. Benjamin, born 20 October 1670, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; died cAugust 1740; married Ruth Rounds
  13. Thankful, born c1672; died after 1743, probably Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Thomas Bowen, 17 June 1689, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts

I am descended from their thirteenth, and last, child, Thankful:

  1. Thankful Mason married Thomas Bowen
  2. Josiah Bowen married Mary Child
  3. Thankful Bowen married Samuel Hicks
  4. Ira Hicks married Sarah Thornton
  5. Israel Hicks married Abigail Carlisle
  6. Elida Ann Hicks married Charles Stewart/Stuart
  7. Annie Maude Stuart married Charles Edwin Adams
  8. Vernon Tarbox Adams married Hazel Ethel Coleman
  9. Doris Priscilla Adams married George Michael Sabo
  10. Linda Anne Sabo Stufflebean – me

So, back to the title of this post – who were the parents of Sampson Mason and Mary Butterworth?

There is one baptismal entry at Bolton, Lancashire, England for one Sampson Masson, baptized on 6 December 1624. Father is identified as Robert Masson. Given that the age of my Sampson Mason closely matches the age of Sampson in Bolton and Sampson is a very uncommon given name for the time, it appears that Bolton may be the ancestral home of Sampson Mason of Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

Tomorrow, I will share the story of Sampson’s father, Robert Mason. There is also unsubstantiated lore about Sampson in England, which I will review.

As for the parents of Sampson’s wife, Mary Butterworth, her origins have been proven and I will write about her family next week. Stay tuned!


19 thoughts on “Sampson Mason and Mary Butterworth of Rehoboth, MA: Who Were Their Parents?”

  1. i am descended from Pelatiah Mason. son, Daniel Mason to his son Truman to Daniel

  2. Hello!
    We share ancestors! My 8 GG was Sampson Mason (1625-1676) , married to Mary Butterworth (1629-1704). I too, am a descendent of their 13th child, Thankful. His parents were John Robert Mason (1600-1644) and Hannah Uxor Wheaton (1602-1643) .
    I’d love to follow your research and learn more!
    Brooke Toles-Johnson

  3. Hello Again,

    Oops, I must clarify my earlier email. I am a descendant of Isaac, born 15 July 1667, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; died 25 January 1741/42, Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Hannah (MNU). (10 child of Samson and Mary)

    They had child, Isaac married Mary Fiske
    child, Isaac married Deliverence Knight
    child, Benejah married Mary Hale
    child, Isaac married Nancy Luther
    child, Almerin married Hannah
    child, Hiram married Mary Butcher
    child, Nellie married Job Toles
    child, Mason married June Smith
    child, Brooke-me

    I’m enjoying your blog and will keep exploring! I don’t have parents of Mary Butterworth but will read more on what you’ve found. By the way, I live in Tucson, AZ too! Small world!


  4. Sampson Mason/Mary Butterworth

    #11 Pelatiah b. April 1, 1669 Rehoboth, MA

    Pelatiah/Hepsibeth Brooks
    Jonathan/Hannah Hale
    Chad/Patience Mason
    Jesse/Chloe Tower
    Jerome Jesse/Clarissa Nichols Waite
    Edgar Albert/Louise Theinert
    Earle Nichols/ Dorothy Curtis
    Me – Henry J. Oct 1936 Warwick (Bayside) , RI
    1968 – 2018 Escondido, CA
    Kenneth Earle May 1970 Escondido, CA
    Lake (2005) and Jonah (2007) La Mirada, CA

  5. Hello, cousins. Here’s the line, as I understand it, from Sampson and Mary to my brothers and me. If anyone sees something off, please let me know. Thanks.
    Pelatiah Mason (April 1, 1669-March 29, 1763) and Hepsibeth Brooks (1673-Aug. 24, 1727)
    Russell Mason (April 21, 1714 to Jan. 8, 1799) and Rhoda Kingsley (Feb. 2, 1720 or 1721-Oct. 29, 1779)
    Brooks Mason (Oct. 2, 1737-June 15, 1825) and Anne Eddy (Dec. 25, 1741-Oct. 23, 1802)
    Brooks Mason II (May 21, 1769 to April 17, 1846) and Jane Clark (Aug. 19, 1771 to Feb. 15, 1835)
    John Bucklin Mason aka Rev. John B. Mason (Jan. 8, 1806-July 28, 1888) and Laura Shaw (1807-1884)
    John Colby Mason (March 4, 1842-May 29, 1896) and Martha Elvira Hudson (1846-1910)
    Lonido* Colby Mason (Oct. 7, 1866 to Aug. 2, 1941) and Minnie Bell Alspaugh (Oct. 15, 1868 to Jan. 14, 1952)
    Hudson Lonedo* Mason (Dec. 1, 1894 to Feb. 1, 1925) and Willis Delphia Sprouse (July 13, 1986-May 19, 1958)
    Clyde Donald Mason (Dec. 30, 1919-Jan. 13, 1993) and Olive Madelyne Means (July 20, 1920-Aug. 18, 1998)
    Me: Clyde Donald Mason Jr. (April 2, 1951) and two younger brothers.
    *My father and other family historians said these two names were spelled differently. They obviously were in a better position to know than I am, but both graves spell it Lonedo, and I’ve seen documents suggesting that spelling wasn’t L.C. Mason’s strong suit.

  6. Hello,

    Thankful Mason Bowen was my 8th great-grandmother and her daughter Catherine, was my 7th great-grandmother. I’m so happy to read that I have distant cousins here and enjoy finding more info on our ancestors. Thank you!

  7. Hello there, I’m from the bethia line. She married john, john’s mom was sara who married james cunningham and my ggrandmother was rachel cunningham.

    1. My family is from the Samuel Mason and Elizabeth Miller line, too. By way of Ohio and Michigan. My moms maiden name is Mason, so it travelled through that many generations and we all(my mom is one of 6 sisters and I have lots of girl cousins) call ourselves Mason girls.

  8. Sampson Mason and Mary Russell Butterworth were 9XGGrandparents and their son Deacon Issac Mason and Hannan Myles were my 8XGGrandparents. Hezekiah Mason and Rebecca Martin were my 7XGGrandparents. Phebe (Phoebe) Mason and Capt Peleg Peck were my 6XGGrandparents. Sarah Bowen was my 6XGGrand Aunt and Half Sister to Phebe Mason. Nicholas Ezra Peck and Sarah Merrick are my 5XGGrandparents.

  9. My last post shows my 5XGGrandparents incorrectly. Nicholas Ezra Peck had two spouses: Eunice Clark is my Natural Great Grandmother. Sarah Merrick was his second spouse

  10. Hello, Cousins all,
    Well Rebecca, pretty close. Sampson Mason and Mary Russell Butterworth were 7XGGrandparents and their son Deacon Issac Mason and Hannan Myles were my 6XGGrandparents. Hezekiah Mason and Rebecca Martin were my 5XGGrandparents. Hezekiah Mason and Parnel West were my 4XGGrandparents. Benjamin Mason and Olive Soper were my 3XGGrandparents. Benjamin Mason and Poly Aikens were my 2XGGrandparents. Benjamin Mason and Martha Lobdell were my 1XGGrandparents.

    Best regards, Greg Mason

  11. Cousins!

    I have a direct paternal line of descent.

    Sampson Mason of Bolton m. Mary Butterworth
    Joseph Mason, elder m. Lydia Bowen
    Joseph Mason, Jr. m. Elizabeth Barney
    Marmaduke Mason m. Hannah Anthony
    Edward Mason, Cpt. m. Sarah Arnold
    Anthony Mason m. Elizabeth Temple
    Ephraim Hubbard Mason m. Prudence Hills
    Anthony Mason m. Louisa Shumaker
    Emra Mason m. Clara Belle Hamm
    Arnold A Mason m. Marjorie B. Miller
    Richard D. Mason m. Margaret E. Roblin

    These last two are my honorable parents. We have a right to be proud of our Mason heritage. Common heroes all.

    Stephen A. Mason

  12. I just stumbled across this site, I had no idea our fellow descendants were so vast. I too have a direct line to Samuel.

    Samuel Mason, Elizabeth Miller
    James Mason, Rose Nails
    James Mason, Mary Coggseshall
    John Ellis Mason, Mary Dorcas Loman
    Benjamin Mason, Nancy Johnson
    Owen Benjamin “Oldbuck” Mason, Francis Ann Benton
    Herbert B Mason, Mary Ethel Johnson
    Herbert B Mason Jr, Thelma Ellison
    And myself…..

  13. It seems you and my husband are 9th cousins! Sampson Mason and Mary Butterworth are his 8x GG through Isaac. I’m excited to read through your discoveries

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