RootsTech 2018 – Day 3

NOTE: Friday’s Family History Finds will post on Sunday after I get home from RootsTech 2018.

Day 3 of RootsTech 2018

Yesterday was a terrific day on the Expo Hall floor, meeting vendors and learning about all kinds of interesting new products and services. Look for my report on them early next week.

Today, I was back getting in my walking exercise (which I actually love, because I am an avid walker) traveling to and from the class sessions.

My pick for the first morning session today was Searching for Family History at the State Library, presented by Chris Seggerman and Laura Stone, two more new-to-me speakers. I am really enjoying all the new points of view and research strengths the speakers have to offer this year.

Much to my surprise, the speakers are fellow Arizonans! An overview of typical holdings of state libraries and archives was explained.

I have researched in court houses, libraries and societies and, while I’ve visited a state library and archives, I’ve never done any real research in them. I also assumed that the type of records held by a state library vs. a state archives would be similar from state to state, but there was a caveat to expect individual differences from state to state. Examples were provided.

The introduction was followed by an overview of Western states collections and other areas of the United States and ended with the types of records held by the Arizona State Library, which I admit I’ve never visited, as I have no Arizona family lines and I live over 100 miles away.

My original second choice turned out to be one that was being recorded and could be viewed later from home. Not wanting to waste time in SLC, I decided to choose an alternate presentation which was in the room next door.

I have attended webinars by Lisa Alzo, so although I have heard her several times, I’ve never attended one of her programs in person, so I sat in on Time-Saving Apps for Busy Genealogists.

She began by reviewing features of several of the most popular free genealogy apps and then covered other app types, ranging from scanning to project management and note taking. Although I was familiar with a few of them, I now have more detailed information about how they work and have the names of several which were unknown to me to try out.

I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of her. Because I made the last minute session change, there wasn’t time to get to the front of the room to ask for a picture, but visit The Accidental Genealogist for more info about Lisa.

Session 3 was titled How I Built My Own Brick Wall by Rebecca Whitman Koford, CG.

Her presentation was an excellent summary of how to become an efficient, accomplished genealogist, beginning with how to avoid easy-to-make mistakes (not just those made by beginners) to working carefully through a research project to its goal.

Rather than attending the last class of the day, my time was spent making one more visit around the Expo Hall gathering information for future posts about all the new products and services.

Here is a fun view along the way:

My Friend, Judy, with the Rootsfinder, Who Is Becoming
a Well Known Fixture at RootsTech

While RootsTech has an incredible amount of serious learning going, it is also full of family, friends and fun, or, as this year’s theme says:

Connect. Belong.

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