Sabo-Scerbak Family, Passaic, NJ, 1915-1930

What would be my paternal grandparents’ 102nd wedding anniversary on Friday, 15 September 2017, in Passaic, New Jersey had me looking once again at vintage photos taken of friends and family who had emigrated from what is today Slovakia. All of the pictures were taken about in the 1910-1920 time frame and I actually know who these people are, since I asked Nana when I went through them decades ago.

Julia and George Sabo
15 September 1915

John Sedlak

I love these next photos of my dad and his cousins – so cute!

Peter and George

George & Emily

Peter, George and Emily, again

This last set of photos is probably from c1922. I believe that the man kneeling on the left is Nana’s brother, Peter Scerbak and his wife, Mary, is standing behind him holding the baby. Nana is sitting in the middle and my grandfather is kneeling on the right. I would love to know who the other people were and why they had gathered.

George & Julia

Happy 102nd Anniversary, Nana and Papa

One thought on “Sabo-Scerbak Family, Passaic, NJ, 1915-1930”

  1. My aunt’s last name was Scerbak
    first name Mary she married don’t know who he was she was from Wallington NJ and perhaps Passaic
    NJ she is buried in Clifton cemetery if related NJ

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