Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Men with Facial Hair

It’s that time again – Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings. This week’s topic is a fun one – men with facial hair – and I’m going to have to cheat and include both my and my husband’s ancestors for this one.

First, on my side, neither my father nor either of my grandfathers had facial hair. I have to jump back to my great grandfather, Stephen Kucharik, aka Stephen Sabo (1855-1933) of Passaic, New Jersey, who had just a bit of a mustache.

Another great grandfather, Charles Edwin Adams (1877-1922) of Calais, Maine had a mustache as a young man, but it was gone in later years:

Charles Edwin Adams, c1895

Among my 2X great grandfathers is Calvin Segee Adams (1843-1921), of Calais, Maine, who sported quite a mustache:

Calvin Segee Adams, c1870

Next is George Rogers Tarbox (1818-1895) also of Calais, Maine:

George Rogers Tarbox, c1870

That’s it for my line, but not only does Dave have some facial hair, he has some ancestors with terrific beards.

I”m cheating a bit on this one because his ancestor is actually Annie Riddle, but here she is with her siblings in the 1890s in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Brother Phillip is in the back and Joseph is seated:

Joseph and Phillip Riddle with their five surviving sisters.
Originally, there were 8 girls and 2 boys!

Here’s his 3X great grandfather, Samuel  Henry Perkins (1821-1905) of Cedar County, Missouri:

Samuel Henry Perkins

That’s it for the facial hair collection! Thanks, Randy, for another fun topic.

One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Men with Facial Hair”

  1. Oh, that handlebar mustache is something, Linda! But my favorite is Daniel Adams’s beard and mustache with the snowy hair. Very distinguished!

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