Presidents’ Day 2018

Presidents’ Day honors the memory and service of each of the 46 men who have served as President of the United States. If you read last year’s Presidents’ Day post, you will remember that ten of our presidents have no direct descendants, but many people have collateral ancestors who tie into presidential families.

If you have such ties to one or more of our presidents, have you ever visited any of their homes? Many are state or national historic sites, open to the public.

Here is information about homes of our first ten presidents:

  1. George Washington’s Mount Vernon

2. John Adams – Adams National Historical Park

3. Thomas Jefferson – Monticello

4. James Madison – Montpelier

5. James Monroe – Ash Lawn – Highland

6. John Quincy Adams – Birthplace, part of the Adams National Historical Park

7. John Tyler – Sherwood Forest Plantation

How many presidential homes have you visited? I’m not related to most of them, but we’ve been to Mount Vernon, Monticello, Montpelier, Highland, the Hermitage, and several homes of later presidents.

If your cousin was a later president and the link for his home isn’t here, google will be your friend!



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