Photo+Story Competition Display Gallery at RootsTech 2018

Back in December, RootsTech announced its Photo+Story Competition, with winners to be announced during the RootsTech conference.

I decided to enter a photo of my 2X great grandmother, Nellie Tarbox Adams (1856-1927) when she attended the summer picnic of the Calais (Maine) Women’s Temperance Society in the 1890s.

Last night, I was notified that my photo was chosen to be included in the display gallery in the Salt Lake Convention Center. I am so excited!

Canon is printing the images for us. The gallery will be in the East Entrance foyer. If you are attending RootsTech, please take a few minutes to visit the gallery.

I am sure there will be many interesting photos and each will have a short story about the people in them.

Now to be patient and wait for RootsTech and the announcement of the winners. 🙂

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