SNGF – How Many Degrees of Separation?

Randy Seaver has issued this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge. How many degrees of separation are between me and a historical person in the time frame of the American Revolution?

Randy took his line back to the era of George Washington in four degrees. I decided to follow my line back to someone – a Revolutionary War general –  who was originally trusted by General Washington, but whose name today signifies TREASON! That would be Benedict Arnold.

No, I’m not descended from him, but I have several Loyalists in my line besides my half dozen patriots. (I tell people my ancestors stood up for their beliefs!)

Here are my four degrees of separation:

  1. I, Linda Sabo Stufflebean (1952- ???), was well acquainted with my grandmother and we even discussed family history:
  2. Hazel Ethel Coleman Adams (1901-1995) was also well acquainted with her own grandmother:
  3. Sarah Moriah Crouse (1833-1930), in turn, was well acquainted with her grandfather, who was a North Carolina Loyalist relocated to New Brunswick, Canada after the war:
  4. Phillip Crouse (1761-1854) removed from North Carolina and landed in Parrtown, today’s St. John, New Brunswick.

Although Benedict Arnold removed to London in 1782 after his treasonous act was discovered, he returned to North America in 1787. He and two of his sons set up a shipping business that was based in St. John. In 1791, Arnold returned to London, where he died in 1801. He is buried at St. Mary’s Battersea.

That gives me three degrees of separation from my 4X great grandfather, Phillip Crouse, who easily could have met Benedict Arnold sometime during those four years that Benedict, Richard and Henry Arnold lived in Canada.

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