Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Two Truths and a Lie

It’s that time again. This week has absolutely flown by for me. Not sure why, but I haven’t accomplished all I set out to do. However, my favorite fun, quick genealogy challenge has arrived from Randy Seaver. It’s a fun one!

This week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge is: Two Truths and a Lie. The rules:

1)  Let’s play the game “Two Truths – One Lie.”  Tell three family stories – two must be true, and one must be a lie – an untruth.

2)  Have your readers guess which story was the lie, and their reasons for picking that story.

3)  Share your three stories on your own blog, on Facebook or Google+, or in a Comment on this blog.  Share the link to your stories on this blog (Genea-Musings), so readers can respond.

4)  After all Comments are in, share the Lie in a Comment on your post.

I’m not the most creative person, so I had to think about this for a bit, but here are my three short stories, all about the Adams branch of my family:

Story 1: My mother, Doris Adams Sabo, was an excellent swimmer. One summer, she decided to swim across the width of Little Sebago Lake in Maine and back again to the family camp. The distance totaled about one mile.

Mom at the Lake

Story 2: My great grandfather, Charles Adams, pulled a hair out of his nose and died of a strep infection 48 hours later.

Charles Adams

Story 3: My great grand aunt, Pearl Adams Chadwick, aged 29, married Perce Chadwick, aged 32, secretly because she was afraid to tell her father.

Perce Chadwick

Which story is the lie and why do you think so? Leave a comment.

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