Mystery Photo of a Pretty Young Girl, Calais, ME, c1893

I’ve had a little bit of luck finding owners for some of my vintage photos and have even been able to identify people in a few more photos.

This picture, though, has me stumped.

Who Is This Pretty Young Lady?

I have absolutely no clue who this very pretty young lady might be. The photo was taken at the Eastern Portrait Company in Calais, Maine. One of my reference books has a cabinet card photo that is on the exact same type of card at this one with the scalloped edges (that don’t show very well in this scan) and it is dated 1893. My cabinet card is in absolutely pristine condition. There is no writing on the back of the photo.

This young lady also has her hair styled the same way as the woman in the reference book – hair pulled back with the poufy curls high in the front.

Not much of this young lady’s clothing shows in this picture, but the pleating on her sleeves also points to an early 1890s style.

If this photo was taken, say, 1893, and this young lady looks to be perhaps 12-16 years old, then she would have been born about 1878-1882.

I suspect that she was either a member of the Tarbox family that lived in Calais or else the daughter of a friend.

George and Mary Tarbox’s daughter, Elizabeth, married Charles Vickery. They had several children including daughters Lizzie, born in 1878 and Jeannette, born in 1882.

I wonder if this beautiful young lady is one of them?

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