Throwback Thursday: Christmas 1956, Norman, Oklahoma

Christmas 1956, Norman, Oklahoma

For the most part, the Stufflebean relatives took turns each summer, visiting in California and Oklahoma. One year, the California contingent headed east and the opposite year, the Oklahoma family went west. Rarely did they get together at Christmas, so 1956 was an exception.

Dave’s Uncle Jess must have been the photographer since he is the only family member not in the picture. Sadly, only the four youngest children are still here today.

From left to right – Mother Ruby, my husband Dave, his brother, Phillip, father Ed, sister Pat, cousin Ronnie, cousin Mark (being held), Aunt Wanda, step-grandfather Claude and grandmother Pearl.

One exciting moment along the way on the trip for the family was checking out the snow –

In the Snow, 1956

Southern Californians don’t experience much of the white stuff!

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