52 Documents in 52 Weeks #52: The Kind of Will You Don’t Want to Find!

We have made it to the last of the 52 Documents series. I hope that the documents I have shared with you have given you ideas for both noting and analyzing details  in the records you find and for thinking outside the box in determining what types of records your ancestors might have created during their lifetimes.

After 51 instances of serious records, I would like to end on a humorous note. I could not locate an image of this will, but it is definitely one that I would not want to find in my family.

It was written by Karl Tausch of Langen, Hessen, Germany and dated 19 January 1967. Mr. Tausch’s will is also the shortest valid will on record in the world and it consists of only two words, written in Czech:

“Vse zene”

The English translation is all of three words:

“All to wife”

This will might have made Karl Tausch’s wishes known, but it certainly is completely useless for family history research!

Happy Document Hunting!

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