Who Is She? Norman, Oklahoma 1920s

Who Is She?

This is a photo in the Stufflebean family collection, taken at Orenbaun’s studio in Norman, Oklahoma. From the stylish framing around the photo, I’d say this dates to the 1920s Art Deco era.

The photographer’s name doesn’t help any here. The only Orenbauns I can find in Norman from 1900-1940 are the families of Lewis and George Orenbaun. The name is unusual, so they are likely brothers or cousins and both were enumerated as hardware store owners. Norman wasn’t a very big place so they likely were co-owners of the same store. I wonder if they also had a photography area in their store?

Any distant Stufflebean relatives out there? Do you recognize this pretty young lady? Could she be a wife of one of John Henry Stufflebean’s sons?

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