Mystery Photo – Passaic, NJ, c1920

It’s time for another mystery photo.

This picture, I think, dates from c1920. The building behind looks like a school and even puts me in the mind of my elementary school:

Roosevelt #10 School

I think it is possible it is my school, built in 1908 with two floors. The third floor was added in 1918.

I have no real idea who these people are, but they definitely look like a mother with her two young daughters.

I am sure, as this photo was in my Nana’s possession, that they are of Slovak background and are Greek Catholics.

I also believe that they likely have ties to my grandfather’s side of the family, so they would know or be related to my great grandparents, Stephen Kucharik who married Maria Kacsenyak in 1877 in Vysna Sebastova, near Presov, in today’s Slovakia.

They had seven children, although a couple died young and a couple of others had no children of their own:

  1. John, born 25 August 1877; died 1900-1910; unmarried as far as I know.
  2. Mary, born 15 January 1881; died 29 October 1973, Garfield, Bergen, New Jersey; married (1) Andrew Palasko, 3 February 1902, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania (2) Ladislav (Lawrence) Bubbly, 1906. Mary had six children – one Palasko daughter and four daughters and one son with Lawrence Bubbly. Her girls were born 1902, 1907, 1909, 1911 and 1916 with her son born in 1912.
  3. Anna, born and died 4 February 1885
  4. Anna, born 18 April 1889; died 7 June 1959; married (1) Nicholas Pezont (2) George Janicko. Anna had no children.
  5. George, born 24 May 1893; died 27 November 1936; married Helena Anna Scerbak, 6 September 1915. They had one son, George, my dad.
  6. Stephen, born 18 February 1897; died 20 May 1976; married Mary Mikulik, c1924. They had one son and one daughter.

I wonder if this photo might be of Mary Bubbly with two of her girls?

Mary Bubbly with Daughters

Here is Mary with three of her daughters in the 1940s. The earlier photo isn’t the easiest in which to see details, but the girls have prominent foreheads, as do the two daughters in the middle.

I think my mystery photo might be Mary and her children. What do you think? Am I on the right trail?

4 thoughts on “Mystery Photo – Passaic, NJ, c1920”

  1. I went to #10 school back in the fifties ,my son took me down memory lane on Sat & went passed the school ,a lot has changed since I was a young girl, we lived on 4th St in Passaic so many memories.

  2. The mystery school was Wilson Junior High, Number 12, located where now we find the Route 21-Monroe Street on-ramp and the Route 21-First Street off ramp. The school ran from George Street to Louisa Street, between Monroe and Madison Streets.
    This photo was taken on the Lydia Place entrance side.

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