Mystery Photo – Cleantha Cochran Tarbox, 1859-1942 and ???

Cleantha (Cannie) Cochran, left and ???

This is a photo in my collection that is just half a mystery. My cousin Charles passed this copy on to me of “Aunt Cannie” Tarbox, the wife of Charles Franklin Tarbox.

Cleantha was born in April 1859 in New Brunswick, Canada and died in 1942 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts. As cousin Charles and his mother lived in Providence for decades, I imagine that they visited Aunt Cannie and Uncle Charles many times.

I don’t think that the mystery lady in this picture is related to me. In fact, Aunt Cannie is an aunt by marriage. She was the sister-in-law of my 2X great grandmother, Nellie Tarbox Adams. Charles Franklin Tarbox was Nellie’s younger (by 3 years) brother.

I know one special thing about her though – she was, by family lore, the first woman operated on for cataracts at Boston General Hospital.

Cannie and our mystery subject were very stylishly dressed and I imagine this other person either lived in Washington County, Maine or just over the water in New Brunswick, Canada. That narrows it down, doesn’t it?

Both ladies appear to be in their young 20s. Their highly curled hair in front with the rest pulled back and the high necklines of their clothing were “in” during the 1880s. As Cannie was born in 1859 and 21 in 1880, the photo clues fit her age.

Cannie doesn’t really look like the other lady in terms of a family resemblance. She didn’t have any sisters, but did have five brothers. Could the mystery lady be the wife of one of her brothers? Or, could this be a cousin? Her mother’s maiden name was unusual – Zellma, while Cochran is quite common. Both of her parents were born in Nova Scotia. It’s also very possible she was just a friend.

Cochran Family

Charles C. Cochran married Salome-Salina (perhaps?) Zellma. They were born c1823 and c1824 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Their children were all born in New Brunswick, Canada. In 1881, the family lived in Milltown, New Brunswick, Canada. Except for Cannie and her brother, Osgood, nothing has been found after the 1881 census.

1. Ferdinand, born c1856
2. Cleantha, born 23 April 1859; died 1942, Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Charles Franklin Tarbox, 19 October 1881, Milltown, New Brunswick, Canada.
3. John, born c1862
4. George, born c1864
5. William, born c1868
6. Osgood, born c1870; died 31 October 1910, Danforth, Washington, Maine; married Sarah Awilda Feero, 22 November 1892, Calais, Maine. She was born c1875; died 27 June 1913, Danforth, Washingtone, Maine. In both 1900 and 1910, they lived in Danforth.

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