Family Heirloom: Baby’s Silverware Set

A friend of mine has been sharing a lot of photos of her new grandson lately. It got me to thinking about some of the baby items that have been in my family.

I still have my own silver baby cup and spoon, but I also have the while little baby silverware set that my husband used to eat his first bites of food.

This is the cutest little set that was actually used, as there is light wear on the utensils.

This set was made by Rogers Brothers, patented in 1847, and called the Step Up Set for Children. In case the new mother wasn’t sure what utensil to use when, they are grouped. To the left, we have the spoon to use to feed the baby. The next spoon and fork are for when baby was ready to feed himself. The third set on the right was for a young child.

My mother-in-law carefully kept this set intact. Notice the little gift tag at the top left? That is the original tiny card that came from Grand Aunt Myrtle and her daughters.

Even the paper explanation from Rogers Bros. has survived with the set! The plastic cover is well scuffed up, but it has done its job protecting the contents.

This little set became a two-generation gift when I used it with our son.

Do you have any heirloom baby sets in your family?

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