Estate Inventory of Samuel Williams, Cumberland County, VA 1825

Samuel Williams was a well-to-do man, leaving an estate valued at close to $10,000 in 1821 dollars. Today, that would be the equivalent of about $220,000.

Samuel and Susannah Ligon Williams have many descendants today, so perhaps this inventory will be of interest to the family genealogists. It is found in WB 7:131-132 in Cumberland County, Virginia.

Page 131

Page 132

At a Court held for Cumberland County the 28th
day of November 1825. This Inventory and appraise-
ment was presented in court Ordered That the same
be recorded. Test TsCharner Woodson D.C.

Dr. Joseph Williams and Allen Wilson, Executors of the
Estate of Samuel Williams deceased.

Agreeable to an order of the County Court of Cum-
berland to us directed; we the subscribers being first
duly sworn, have this day proceeded to (?)
the thr? accounts of Jos Williams and Allen Wilson
Executors of Samuel Williams deceased and de-
fend the sum of Nine thousand, eight hun-
dred and fifty six dollars and sixty six cents sub-
ject to distribution after leaving the sum of three
hundred dollars in the hands of the Executors
subject to further claims. Given under our
hands this 28th day of January 1824.

Chas. Womack
Chas. Morton
James K. Fitzgerald
Royal Watkins

At a court held for Cumberland County the
26th day of December 1825. This account was pre-
sented in court. Ordered that the same be recorded.

Examd.                     Test. TsCharWoodson D.B.


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