UPDATE: Hot Off the Presses: RootsTech 2018 Registration Now Open

UPDATE: Register now for RootsTech 2018.

I’m salivating again and there are still six months to go until RootsTech 2018 begins. If you are as excited as I am, but haven’t been following all the announcements recently, here is a summary about upcoming events at RootsTech 2018:

From RootsTech 2017 – If you weren’t able to attend last year and missed LeVar Burton’s keynote address, RootsTech has posted a link to the entire talk, which is fabulous:

LeVar Burton’s 2017 Keynote Speech

Now, to recap big news already out about RootsTech 2018.

First, RootsTech 2018 will now encompass FOUR days instead of THREE and The Innovator’s Summit is now The Innovation Showcase with a new format.

Next, what is your favorite new genealogy app or software product? Have you come across a new product that has really impressed you with the way it has enhanced your genealogical research? If so, help others to learn about it, too. The public has the opportunity to nominate a technological contribution to genealogy in the brand new Innovation Showcase.

Finally, here are EIGHT great reasons why you need to be at RootsTech 2018.

Tomorrow is the big day – the first day you can register for RootsTech 2018! I’ll have a link to the registration page in tomorrow’s post.



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