Mystery Photo – World War II Navy WAVES and San Diego Beach Lady

NOTE: Friday’s Family History Finds is on hiatus for a short time. I won’t have regular internet connection for a bit.

UPDATE: See commentary at the bottom of the post.

Today’s mystery photo is linked to World War II and San Diego, California. My mother, Doris Priscilla Adams, served in the WAVES during the war and was stationed in San Diego.

I am sure this young woman was a friend and, most likely, also serving in the WAVES. The WAVES made up my mother’s social group during the war.

Who is this young lady?

I am quite sure that this picture was taken in San Diego or one of the other nearby beaches. Notice, too, that there are some sailors up in the background, enjoying the nice weather and the view.

Other than serving in the WAVES in San Diego and being a friend of my mom, Doris Priscilla Adams, I have no other clues as to who this is.

If you recognize her, please leave a comment. I would love to return this picture to a descendant.

Is this Joni Johnson? Have I answered my own question? I went digging through my photo albums after I wrote this post and found two more WAVES-era photos of my mom with her friends.

Fun in Tijuana, Mexico

Out to eat, maybe at the Hotel Del Coronado or the “Del”

The back of the top photo was labeled with full names – in jail, we have (L to R) Millie Ward, my mother, Jean Emrich, Joni Johnson and Marge Kroll.

So, in the bottom photo, (L to R), we have Joni Johnson, Marge Kroll, Milly Ward, Doris Adams (Mom) and Jean Emrich.

I think the lady on the beach in the first image is Joni Johnson. What do you think? If you recognize and/or are related to any of these other ladies, I would be more than happy to share the photos with you. I have several others, too.

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