LeVar Burton’s RootsTech 2017 Keynote Speech Is Now Online

Two news items this afternoon about RootsTech:

First, registration for RootsTech 2018 opens on 20 September 2017 – that is just five short days from now! Be sure to register early to take advantage of the Early Bird discount price.

Second, if you weren’t able to attend RootsTech last year or, if you did but you would like to hear LeVar Burton’s keynote address again, it is now viewable on line.

If you’d like to view other recorded RootsTech 2017 sessions, visit the RootsTech website.


2 thoughts on “LeVar Burton’s RootsTech 2017 Keynote Speech Is Now Online”

  1. RootsTech 2018 Contest Entry

    I watched this a few weeks ago. He was such an influence on my childhood with Reading Rainbow. Years later, as a budding middle school history buff, I watched Roots for the first time and was astounded, not only at his performance, but with the institution of slavery overall. As a white child growing up in the South, these horrors were not discussed or taught in any meaningful way. It had a profound impact on how I viewed my own family history when I began researching years later.

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