Family of William Holland of Harrison County, KY

Yesterday, the will of William Holland named his surviving wife and children. He likely died in March or April 1814 as his will was proved at the May 1814 court term.

I believe that this William has been identified as the son of Anthony Holland who died in Scott County, Kentucky in 1799 for three reasons:

  1. Anthony named a son William in his own will.
  2. Scott County and Harrison County border each other.
  3. William Holland’s son, also named Anthony, lived to be enumerated in both the 1850 and 1860 censuses and, both times, reported that he was born in Maryland. Anthony Holland was a native of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

I need to research land and tax records in these two counties to look for further documentation of their father-son relationship, but until then, I will proceed on the theory that they are indeed father and son.

Here is the family of William Holland and Amelia (MNU, but some say Gattrell):

  1. Aaron, born c1780; died 1840-1850, probably Pike County, Missouri; married Lavina Richardson, 3 April 1813, Harrison County, KY. They removed to Pike County, Missouri between 1830-1840.
  2. Mary; married Mr. Greenup before 4 August 1813. No further record.
  3. Anthony, born c1785, Maryland; died after 1860, probably Smith County, Tennessee; married Elizabeth R. Hogg, 10 April 1816, Harrison County, Kentucky. Elizabeth was born c1794, Kentucky; died about 5 June 1880, Smith County, Tennessee.
  4. Rachel; married Mr. Wilson, before 4 August 1813. No further record.
  5. Sally, born c1794, Maryland; died after 1855 Christian County, Illinois state census, where she was head of household; married Edward Elliott, 5 October 1811, Harrison County, Kentucky. They lived in Gallatin County, Kentucky, where Edward likely died between 1820-1830, as Sarah Elliott was head of household in 1830.
  6. Uriah, born c1796, Maryland; probably the man who lived in Pike County, Illinois by 1830, when he registered land; died after 1850, probably Pike County, Illinois
  7. Lydia, born c1798; died probably c1844, probably Pike County, Missouri; married James Anderson, 19 June 1816, Harrison County, Kentucky. Aaron’s son Ethelbert married Fanny Anderson, daughter of Capt. James Anderson in Pike County, Missouri in 1840. James Anderson married (2) Medusa Ann Edwards, 17 August 1845, Pike County, Missouri. James was born c1793, Kentucky; died 28 (Mar or May?) 1864, Pike County, Missouri.
  8. Rebecca, born c1809, Kentucky; died after 1860 when she lived with Nancy Hogg, aged 70, in Smith County, Tennessee.
    married Mr.  McCall, probably a son of Alex McCall, who died before 1850.

Unfortunately, this research hasn’t yet uncovered any new bits of data about William and Amelia. It is also quite frustrating that little to nothing can be found about Mary Greenup, Rachel Wilson or Rebecca McCall and their spouses.

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4 thoughts on “Family of William Holland of Harrison County, KY”

  1. William & Amelia are my 4th great-grandparents. My 3rd greats are Aaron & Lavinia, from there I go to Mary Ann “Polly” who married Edward Franklin White.

    Thank you for sharing. I look forward to see what more I might find or confirm.

    Patty Dortch

  2. Love your research, but I find I have one dilemma. Aaron Holland is my 3rd Great Grandfather. I agree with William being his father, married to Amelia. The problem is regarding some of William’s other children. Anthony , Mary, Rachel, Sarah (or Sally), Uriah, Rebecca Ann, John, and Lydia are listed elsewhere as being the children of William Holland and Mary Ann Weyman. I have no doubt that they were siblings, but who is this Mary Ann Weyman? Any thoughts in straightening out this dupliczation.

    1. Gary, there is a 26 Feb 1781 marriage record for William Holland and Ann Weyman in Montgomery County, Maryland. I assume some people have concluded that that was the same William Holland discussed here, and that Amelia was a second wife.

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