The Ancestral Places Geneameme Challenge

Alona Tester, who authors the Lonetester HQ blog,  proposed a new geneameme challenge yesterday – Ancestral Places.

The object is to name places affiliated with our ancestral lines beginning with as many of the alphabet letters as possible. It’s okay to list more than place for each letter and add family surnames to attract potential new cousins. I added centuries to my list, which identify the earliest time periods my families lived in a particular place.

I’m always up for participating in genea-activities.

Here is my list, followed by the family surnames and centuries:

A – Adams Island, New Brunswick, Canada – Adams, 1800s
B – Biddenden, Kent, England – Foster, 1600s
C – Calais, Washington, Maine – Coleman, Adams, Astle, 1800s
D – Dean Prior, Devonshire, England – Marche, Burt, 1600s
E – Fairfield County, Connecticut – Adams, Coley, Sturges, 1700s
G – Genarp, Skane, Sweden – Sandberg, 1700s
H – Helsingborg, Sweden – von Wowern, 1700s
I – Ipswich, Massachusetts – Pengry, Wise, White, 1600s
J – Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts – Chadwick, 1900s
K – Keswick, New Brunswick, Canada – Crouse, Jones, 1800s
L – Ludlow, New Brunswick, Canada – Astle, 1700s – 1800s
M – Mahanoy City, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania – Kucharik, 1800s
N – New Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine – Tarbox, 1800s
O – Okruzna, Slovakia – Kucharik, 1800s
P – Passaic, Passaic, New Jersey – Sabo, Kucharik, 1800s-1900s
Q – Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada – Carlisle, 1700s
R – Ruska Nova Ves, Slovakia – Kacsenyak, 1800s
S – Saeby, Hjorring, Denmark – Molin, 1800s-1900s
T – Tring, Hertfordshire, Englan – Coley, 1600s
U – Ujak (now Udol), Slovakia – Scerbak, Murcko, Patorai, 1800s
V – Vysna Sebastova, Slovakia – Kucharik, 1800s
W – Warren, Bristol, Rhode Island – Bowen, Hicks, 1700s
X – ?
Y – Ystad, Skane, Sweden – Molin, 1700s
Z – Zeeland, Netherlands – Philip Crouse, 1700s

The only letter missing a place name is X. Actually a cousin went to Xaverian School, but I wouldn’t be looking for any information there. 🙂

Have you created your Ancestral Places list yet?

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