Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Your Unbroken Chain of Gravestones

The Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge this week from Randy Seaver is to determine how many gravestones we can link in an unbroken chain for our ancestors in one of our family tree lines.

Beginning with my mother, Doris Priscilla Adams Sabo (1923-2008), here is the Sabo family gravestone at St. Michael’s Cemetery in South Hackensack, New Jersey. Names are not engraved on the large stone.

Next, my grandfather, Vernon Tarbox Adams (1899-1968) is buried at Calais Cemetery, Calais, Washington County, Maine. This is also a multi-generational family plot, although only my grandparents’ names and my aunt’s name are on the tall stone. If you look at the smaller roundish stone in the top right corner of the photo below, that is one of stones of two earlier generations.

Here is a second view of more of the stones:

Here is the last view, with the stone to the left of the main gravestone. Those rounded markers are for my great grandfather, Charles Edwin Adams (1877-1922), his wife Annie Stuart Adams, and my great great grandparents, Calvin Segee Adams and Nellie F. Tarbox Adams (1856-1927.)

My 3X great grandmother, Mary E. Scripture Tarbox (1827-1866) is also buried in Calais Cemetery:

My 4X great grandmother, Mary Goddard Bucknam (1801-1862) is buried at Glenburn Cemetery, Glenburn, Penobscot County, Maine.

My 5X great grandfather, Joses Bucknam (1760-1835), is buried at the town cemetery of Mason, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.

Mary Bucknam’s husband, Oliver Scripture, is buried beside her in the Glenburn Cemetery and his father, James Scripture, who like Joses Bucknam, fought in the Revolutionary War, is buried in the Mason, New Hampshire cemetery near to Joses Bucknam’s grave.

I have eight generations of gravestones in my unbroken chain. The last generation from Revolutionary War times, actually has four surviving stones – Joses Bucknam and wife Abigail Hay Bucknam (who is buried in Glenburn Cemetery near Oliver and Mary Bucknam Scripture) and James Scripture and wife Sibbel Shepley Scripture, who is buried next to James in Mason, New Hampshire.

I am very lucky that those lines are in New England, which not only has great records, it has many very old surviving headstones. I feel very privileged to say that I have been able to visit each of these ancestral graves.

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