Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – 4th of July Memories

Randy Seaver has a great fireworks image to go along with today’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge – 4th of July memories.

We are to share (1) our best childhood memory of the 4th of July (2) our best adulthood memory (3) and share our plans for the 4th of July this year.

First, my best memories of the 4th of July were spent on Lake Winnipesaukee in the 1960s. No one year stands out because they were all the same – fun in the water during the day:

Fun in the Water

Then, once it got dark, everyone waited for the fireworks display to begin over Weirs Beach. Boaters would sit out in the water watching the show, tooting horns for all the displays that they liked and then would give a giant toot on the horn for the grand finale.

I also remember Candy, my aunt and uncle’s German shepherd. She hated the fireworks.

Candy, lounging on the dock

At the first sound of a firework, she started panting and ran off to hide in the shower. Nothing could entice her to come out until they were over.

Everyone else, though, enjoyed them immensely.

Second, as an adult, my favorite 4th was probably a year or two after we arrived in Tucson. Some friends live at a little higher elevation than we do and have a night view of the Tucson valley, enabling them to see three different shows going on simultaneously.

I just watched the shows looking over their fence, but they actually have outdoor steps that go up to their roof. Some of the more adventurous friends watched from up there.

We enjoyed the evening, but it was a bit hot for me!

Third, we have no special plans for Independence Day this year. Almost all of our friends and family were a lot smarter than Dave and me and they got out of town to break up some of this heat. (I can’t remember the last day when the high was under 100 – maybe one or two days after we got back from our cruises last month. Dinner will definitely be burgers and fries because that’s what you’re supposed to eat on the 4th.

The Hilton Hotel has hosted a fireworks show since we’ve lived here and we’ve been able to watch it from our house. However, this year, only our town is putting on the show and I’m not sure we’ll be able to see much from the park where it is being held.

Our 4th isn’t very exciting and I have no desire to wander off to the park because I think it is still too hot at night to sit outside. I’d rather be inside in the air conditioning enjoying a nice bowl of Blue Bell ice cream.



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  1. There is nothing like the lake on the 4th of July is there? Does the burn ban in Arizona impact the fireworks? Or there only a burn ban in the Phoenix area and not Tucson?

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