Miniseries: Loyalist Philip Crouse and Sarah Burt, Part 1

If you follow my blog and remember the series I wrote about George Baker, Esther Robertson Baker and their descendants, the story of Philip Crouse and Sarah Burt is very similar.

A few days ago, I mentioned that my ancestor, Peter Crouse (son of Philip and Sarah) and his wife, Rebecca Jones, have only a handful of descendants today. The polar opposite is true for Peter’s parents. Pretty much all of the Crouses in York County, New Brunswick and northern Maine are all descended from Philip and Sarah, who had eighteen children, fifteen of whom married and had many children themselves. Therefore, the next few posts about this family will be a series of “begats,” so that other Crouse researchers can figure out from which of the many lines they descend.

Today, I will cover Philip and Sarah’s children, along with their spouses. Here we go!

Philip Crouse was born c1761 in Zeeland, the Netherlands and, by all accounts, emigrated to the colonies at an early age. No one had ever identified his parents, although I have seen some thoughts that he might have had brothers Peter and John. Philip ended up settling in the area of Tryon County, North Carolina in the part that was set off to become Lincoln County in 1779.

Why he became a fervent Loyalist isn’t known, particularly since he was a recent immigrant to the colonies and wasn’t English.

He married Sarah Burt, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca (Follett) Burt, about 1790 or 1791. From that time on, the poor lady was busy giving birth to children. Sarah was born c1771, probably in Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut and died on 7 October 1823, after a short illness, according to her obituary in The Royal Gazette. It stated that she was the mother of 18 children, but leaving behind 16 and a husband to lament her loss.

Philip survived Sarah by many years, and married again to a woman named Mary. When he died on 21 February 1857, his death notice said he had fifteen children, was a grandfather of 196 and great grandfather to 118! I think the 196 was about 100 too high, because I can account for about 96.

The exact dates of birth are known for these children, so I suspect there was a family Bible at one time. However, its whereabouts today are unknown to me. All of the children were born in Keswick, York County, New Brunswick, Canada.

  1. Sarah, born 30 May 1792; died after 1871 census; married James Jones, 26 September 1810, New Brunswick, Canada. James was born 1787; died after the 1871 census. They were the parents of 15 children.
  2. Rebecca, born 4 January 1794; died 28 September 1886, probably in Baysville, Ontario, Canada, where she lived near her children after her husband died;  married Isaac Allan, 8 April 1816, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born 20 July 1794; died 13 June 1837, New Brunswick, Canada. They had eleven children.
  3. John, born 5 January 1795; died after 1871 census; married Sarah Burt, c1829. She was born c1791, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1861 census. They had two known children, Archibald and Peter.
  4. Darius, born 25 April 1796; died 3 September 1880, New Brunswick, Canada; married Phebe Jones, 2 January 1822, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born c1806; died 6 December 1881, New Brunswick, Canada. They had six children.
  5. Philip, born 7 October 1791; died after 1871 census; married Elizabeth Brewer, 7 April 1819, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born c1801, New Brunswick, Canada; died after 1871 census. They had seven children.
  6. Elizabeth, born 21 October 1798; died 16 August 1882, Burtts Corner, York, New Brunswick, Canada; married Benjamin Burt, 7 April 1819, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born c1799; died 1879, New Brunswick, Canada. They had seven children.
  7. Peter, born 2 February 1899; died c1835, New Brunswick, Canada; married Rebecca Jones, c1828. She was born 19 March 1809, New Brunswick, Canada; died 4 November 1897, Hubbardston, Worcester, Massachusetts, but is buried in Red Beach Cemetery, Calais, Maine. She married (2) Benjamin Blyther, c1838. They were the parents of four children.
  8. Huldah, born 15 July 1801; died about August 1847, New Brunswick, Canada; married John Burt, 20 March 1833, New Brunswick, Canada. He was born abt 1811; died about March 1849, New Brunswick, Canada. They were the parents of seven children.
  9. Gould, born 2 December 1802; died 16 December 1894, Aroostook County, Maine; married Hepzibeth Clark, c1829. She was born 29 April1808, New Brunswick, Canada; died 3 September 1879, Aroostook County, Maine. They had twelve children.
  10. Thomas, born 27 March 1804; died after the 1871 census; married (1) Abigail Burt. She was born c1808; died 24 September 1846, aged 38 years. (2) Hester (Hetty) Ann Day. She was born c1825, New Brunswick, Canada; died after the 1881 census. Thomas and Abigail had five children. Hetty had no children.
  11. Amy, born 2 October 1805; died 26 November 1905; married Richard Jones, c1828. He was born c1803, New Brunswick, Canada; died 25 July 1852, New Brunswick, Canada. They had thirteen children.
  12. Mary?, born c1807; died soon.
  13. Urial (Royal), born 12 December 1808; died 17 March 1904, Centreville, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada; married Sarah Tracy, c1830. Sarah was born c1814, New Brunswick, Canada  ; died 7 March 1908, Centreville, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada. They had ten children.
  14. Child, died soon.
  15. Richard, born 5 October 1811; died after 1861 census; unmarried.
  16. Mary, born 11 June 1813; died 18 July 1862, New Brunswick, Canada; married (1) David Burt. He was born c1808, New Brunswick, Canada; died between 1851 census – November 1853 (2) Thomas Staples, 3 November 1853, Keswick, York, New Brunswick, Canada. Thomas was born c1806, New Brunswick, Canada; died 26 March 1866, New Brunswick, Canada. David and Mary had at least five children and probably lost two or three, given the gaps in ages of their children.
  17. James, born 20 September 1815; died 28 August 1898, New Brunswick, Canada; married Rachel Jones, c1838, New Brunswick, Canada. She was born c1818, New Brunswick, Canada; died after the 1861 census. They had ten children.
  18. Benjamin, born 27 August 1817; died after the 1891 census; married Annie Morehouse. She was born c1820, New Brunswick, Canada; died after the 1891 census. They had one adopted child.

There you have it – the eighteen children of Philip and Sarah (Burt) Crouse.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the grandchildren born to the first few of their children.














5 thoughts on “Miniseries: Loyalist Philip Crouse and Sarah Burt, Part 1”

  1. Linda
    I am the son Of Arthur L Crouse of Patten, Me, Grandson of
    Marshall Burnham Crouse, and Great grandson of , Gould Crouse’s son, Jesse.
    I’ve been in contact with Rogeur Crouse, the author of the Crouse Family History in the past, but I don’t seem to be able to get any responses from him.
    Do you have any info?

    Steve Crouse

  2. It’s spelled Burtt, sorry. Has been since the seventeenth century. Otherwise, great info! (I’m a direct descendant)

  3. I am son of Douglas Crouse son of Arthur Crouse son of Loyd Crouse and a direct decedent of the founders of Crouseville in aroostook county Maine. Greetings cousins 🙂

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