52 Documents in 52 Weeks #30: Business Partnerships

The end of the Civil War and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution led to many changes in the way business was conducted, with procedures becoming much more formalized.

Towns and counties had required permission to operate certain businesses since the establishment of the American colonies. However, in the late 1800s, notes recorded in court minutes no longer sufficed and legal documents were often created.

Do you have an ancestor who owned and operated a business? If so, check county records to determine whether or not legal documents were filed for that business.

Nance & Nance, Bedford County, Virginia, 1805

These Articles of Agreement made and entered into this 4th day of January 1905 between Albert W. Nance, party of the first part, and Wilbur A. Nance, party of the second part. Whereas, that the foregoing have formed and entered into a Limited Partnership in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Virginia, Sec. 2863 to 2876, both inclusive and Acts Amendatory thereto, and therefore sign and execute the following paper according to law.

  1. The names and places of residence of each partner are as follows:
    Albert W. Nance, Davis Mills, Virginia
    Wilbur A. Nance, Bedford City, Virginia
  2. The firm name under which the partnership is to be conducted is:
    A.W. Nance
    and the general partner is
    Albert W. Nance
    and the special partner is
    Wilbur A. Nance
  3. The amount contributed to the capital by the said special partner, and whether the same is contributed in cash or other property at cash value, and to what extent in each is as follows:
    Wilbur A. Nance, Goods, the cash value of which is $12.50.
  4. The general nature of the business to be transacted is as follows:
    General Mercantile Business
  5. The place at which the business of the partnership is to be conducted is:
    At a Storehouse on the South Side of the Lynchburg and Rocky Mount Turnpike about one mile south West of Davis Mills, Bedford County, Virginia.
  6. The duration of the partnership is
    One year
  7. The said partnership is to be dissolved on the death of the special partner before the expiration of the above-named period.

Given under our hands and seal this 14th day of January 1905
Albert W. Nance (Seal)
Wilbur A. Nance (Seal)

State of Virginia
County of Bedford, To Wit:
This day personally appeared before me Annis Davis a Notary Public for the County aforesaid, in the State of Virginia, Albert W. Nance, who made oath before me in my sai County that he is the general business partner named in the foregoing paper, and that the sum stated to be contributed in the same had been actually contributed in the form set forth therein. and also personally appeared before me in my county aforesaid Wilbur A. Nance, who as well as the said Albert W. Nance, acknowledged the foregoing paper. Given under my hand this 17th day of January, 1905.

My commission expires the 8 day of May, 1908.
Annis Davis, Notary Public

Bedford Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, January 17th, 1905.
this paper signed by Albert W. Nance and Wilbur A. Nance was this day produced in said Office, with the certificate of the oath and acknowledgement annexed and admitted to record as to the said Albert W. Nance and Wilbur A. Nance, the parties signing the same.

Test: John M. Speece, Clerk

The Nance family is a collateral line of my husband’s. Out of curiosity, I looked for them in the census. The back story is that Albert (1866-1939) and Wilbur (1867-1938) were brothers, sons of John F. Nance and wife, Lucy. I’m not sure why this partnership/business was to exist for just one year, but in 1910, Albert was a farmer, with no mention of a mercantile store in the census record, and Wilbur was a contractor in construction.

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  1. Albert nance is my great,great grand father. I was born Glenn Hamilton nance III. John Ferdinand nance and Lucy are my grt,grt,grt grand parents. I know John f married Martha Estes and looking for more info

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