Just for Fun: June Wedding Count

June is supposedly one of the most popular months for weddings. In my family, my parents, an aunt, a cousin and myself all got married in June. I decided to take a look at my family tree to see if there was a disproportionate number of ancestors who also got married in June.

I was actually quite surprised by the results. I counted 154 couples in my total family tree who married in June. People who married later than 1945 have names blocked out to maintain privacy of those who might still be living:

I created my list using RootsMagic reports and chose Birthdays and Anniversaries. I then had a further choice to limit the list to just wedding anniversaries.

Whether or not 154 couples (or 308 people) is a lot of June weddings depends on how many people I have in my family tree. I have 7,448!

That is only 4.1% of the tree marrying in June. If the marriages were fairly evenly spaced out through twelve months, I would expect an average of about 8% in any random month.

My June percentage is only half of that! Hmm. I wonder if the popularity of June weddings is more of a modern phenomenon or is it just a myth? Or does June just seem like a busy month with school out, graduations and summer vacations in addition to those weddings?

How many June weddings do you have in your family tree?

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