New eBay Find – Red Beach, Maine

There has been another successful hunt on eBay for a genealogical treasure. I check several names and places regularly on eBay and have purchased a variety of items relating to my family.

Postcards come up the most frequently and I have found, for the first time ever, a vintage postcard of Red Beach, Maine. Red Beach was a small community on the waterfront of Maine a bit south of Calais. Today, Red Beach is actually part of the city of Calais.

My grandmother Hazel’s family lived in Red Beach. Her great grandparents, Thomas and Mary Elizabeth (Astle) Coleman appear on the 1840 census. Their son, William, raised his family in Red Beach and William’s wife’s family, the blended Crouse/Blyther families also lived there. Hazel’s father, Captain Hartwell Thomas Coleman, owned a general store on River Road in the 1930s.

Red Beach was also noted for its granite quarry, which at one time was owned by my 3X great grandfather, George Rogers Tarbox.

Today, most of Red Beach is open land. There is one road leading to the shoreline that looks like it might be the same road pictured in my new vintage postcard:

Postmarked 1911
Source: My Personal Collection

Here is a Google Earth view of what I think is the same road. Actually, there are almost no roads in Red Beach except for the main River Road, so it wasn’t too hard narrowing down where the neighborhood pictured above might be.

Road to Shoreline, Red Beach

Here is an overview of the same area:

Red Beach Cove

This is the only part of Red Beach that looks like it has multiple homes that could be pictured on the postcard.

What do you think? I think I’ve found it.

Check eBay often for genealogical treasures.
I often find wonderful surprises!

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