Grandchildren of William Love and Mary (Polly) Williams, Washington Co., VA, Part 2

Yesterday, my post covered William and Polly’s grandchildren born to the eldest four of their own children who married and left descendants. Today, I’ve added in the grandchildren of the four youngest of their children who left descendants.

5. Mary McDonald Love4 (Mary3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born 6 March 1815, Virginia or Kentucky; died 26 January 1850, Pike County, Illinois; married Asher Burroughs Anderson, 25 February 1836, Pike County, Illinois. He was born 16 May 1807, Worcester County, Maryland; died 20 September 1849, Pike County, Illinois.

Children: (Anderson)

  1. Irving Spence, born 2 April 1838, Pike County, Illinois; died before 14 October 1864, Adams County, Illinois when Abraham T. Love assumed executorship of Irving’s will; married Joice C. Kabrick, 22 October 1862, Adams County, Illlinois. Irving enlisted and fought in the Civil War. He was discharged because of disability a few months before he died. It doesn’t appear that Irving and Joice had any children. Joice was born 2 March 1839; died 31 August 1864, Adams County, Illinois.
  2. Catherine, born c1840, Pike County, Illinois; died after 1870, when she lived with Myron and Harriet Gould in Quincy, Adams, IL. She was unmarried at that time.
  3. Caroline B., born c1842, Pike County, Illinois; died after 1860 when she lived with Catherine in the home of Myron and Harriet Gould. She lived with Robert Beatty Love’s family in 1850.
  4. Oliver H., born c1846, Pike County, Illinois; died after 12 June 1865 when he mustered out of the 73rd IL Infantry at the close of the Civil War. However, he has not been found in any record after that time.

6. Abraham T. Love4 (Mary3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born c1817, Virginia; died 31 July 1881, Crawford County, Kansas; married (1) Elizabeth T. Humphrey, 28 May 1842, Pike County, Illinois. She was born 3 May 1823, Washington County, Virginia; died 3 September 1853, Pike County, Illinois. (2) Eliza Buffenburg, 26 March 1854, Pike County, Illinois. She was born c1828, Ohio; died 10 August 1894, Crawford County, Illinois.

Children: (Love)

  1. Mary, born c1847, Illinois; died between 1870-10 March 1878; married Scipio Stratton, 5 September 1866, Pike County, Illinois. He was born c1844, Illinois; died shortly before 17 April 1911, Rock County, Wisconsin. He married (2) Mary Elizabeth Lynch, 10 March 1878, Bates County, Missouri. She was born 9 August 1856, Hampshire County, West Virginia; died 29 March 1928, Rock County, Wisconsin. It appears that Mary Love had no children.
  2. Henry, born c1850, Illinois; died between 1 March 1885-1900, probably Crawford County, Kansas; married Sarah Elizabeth Warman, 15 March 1874, Vernon County, Missouri. She was born c1854, Illinois; died after 1920.
  3. Harriet Orinda, born c1858, Illinois; died between 1 March 1885-4 August 1892, as she predeceased her sister. No marriage record has been found for her, nor has she been found after the 1885 Kansas
  4. Susan R.B., born 14 February 1861, Illinois; died 4 August 1892, Crawford County, Kansas: married Travis L. Marshall, 26 November 1882, Crawford County, Kansas. He was born 12 December 1859, Harrison County, Missouri; died 21 May 1923, Cooper County, Missouri.

7. Susannah A. Love4 (Mary3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born c1818, Virginia; died 30 June 1878, Adams County, Illinois; married Daniel Kenady, 22 April 1841, Pike County, Illinois. He was born c1817, Hardin County, Kentucky; died 17 March 1867, Pike County, Illinois.

Children: (Kenady)

  1. William, born c1842, Illinois; died after 1860 census.
  2. Mary, born c1843, Illinois; died 1897, Pike County, Illinois; unmarried.
  3. Harriet O., born 13 December 1845, Illinois; died 15 September 1846, Pike County, Illinois.
  4. Freelove America, born 26 June 1847, Illinois; died 23 May 1927, probably Missouri, but no death record has been found although she is buried next to her husband in Carroll Co., MO; married William Sanford Davis, 25 August 1867, Pike County, Illinois. He was born 7 March 1846, Worcester County, Maryland; died 5 April 1898, Carroll County, Missouri. F.A. Davis, born c1848, Illinois was head of household with three adult children all born in Missouri and a toddler living in Payne Coounty, Oklahoma in 1910. This appears to be Freelove so she may have died in Oklahoma. She hasn’t been found in the 1920 census.
  5. Sophronia, born 17 June 1848, Illinois; died 13 November 1935, Adams County, Illinois; married Joseph T. Lease. He was born 17 October 1844, Virginia; died 4 May 1925, Adams County, Illinois.
  6. Charles, born 9 July 1852, Pike County, IIllinois; died 12 September 1854, Pike County, Illinois.

8. Robert Beatty Love4 (Mary3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born 17 November 1819, probably Washington County, Virginia; died 7 December 1876, Contra Costa County, California; married Armelia Harvey, 25 March 1846, Adams County, Illinois. She was born 3 December 1823, Virginia; died 13 September 1900, San Jose, California.

Children: (Love)

  1. Sophelia, born July 1848, Illinois; died 19 January 1921, Santa Clara County, California; married Joel Haden Boone. Joel was born c1839, Missouri; died 14 April 1887, California.
  2. William Goulder, born 8 December c1851, Illinois; died 7 October 1935, Contra Costa County, California; married Ella Irene True, c1885. She was born 16 December 1862, California; died 3 or 9 November 1899, Fresno, California.
  3. Charles Oney, born c1854, Illinois; died 25 March 1938, Contra Costa Cooutny, California; married (1) Alsie L. Boone, c1878. She was born c1857, Missouri. (2) Nellie G., c1909, probably California. She was born c1861, Missouri. Alice, Ray and Ira, her sons, were enumerated in the 1900 census of San Francisco, California. However, while Alice says she was a widow, it appears this couple may have divorced or at least separated.
  4. Mary Drusilla, born c1857, Adams County, Illinois; died 1938, Contra Costa County, California; unmarried.
  5. Ida, born c1860, California; died 1928, Contra Costa County, California; unmarried
  6. Cora Lee, born c1868, California; died 24 February 1892, Contra Costa County, California; unmarried.

Polly Williams Love and her family are no longer a brick wall on my list. 🙂 If you are descended from this couple, I would LOVE to hear from you.

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