Grandchildren of William Love and Mary (Polly) Williams, Washington Co., VA, Part 1

A few days ago, I shared information from the now shattered brick wall of William Love and Polly Williams, daughter of Samuel Williams of Cumberland County, Virginia.

Today, I will share information on their grandchildren. To recap, although they were the parents of eleven known children, descendants have been found for eight – Margaret H. (assuming she is a daughter – I wrote about my doubts in the first post), Leonidas Lee, Oscar, Isaac N., Mary McDonald, Abraham T., Susannah A. and Robert Beatty. No evidence of children has been found for Harriet, William Ligon or Samuel Williams Love.

William and Mary Love’s Children and Their Families:

1. Leonidas Lee Love4 (Mary3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born 5 June 1802, Virginia; died 26 December 1864, Washington County, Virginia; married Freelove Cole, c1823. She was born c1805, Virginia; died after 1880, probably Washington County, Virginia.

Children: (Love)

  1. James C., born 1 Jun 1824, Washington County, Virginia; died 1880-1900, probably Washington County, Virginia; married Sedelia James, 1 February 1847, Smyth County, Virginia. She was born 1 May 1826, Smyth County, Virginia; died 1 December 1912, Washington County, Virginia.
  2. Mary Williams, born c1825, Virginia; died after 1850.
  3. Daughter, born c1826; died before 1840
  4. William, born c1828, Virginia; died after 1860. James reported in his biography that William had gone to Arkansas (he is found in the 1860 census of Sevier County), enlisted in the war and was never heard from again. He likely died during the war.
  5. Ann Eliza, born c1828, Virginia; died after 1880, probably Smyth County, Virginia; married William Tomlinson, c1853.
  6. Andrew K., born c1831, Virginia; died 27 October 1892, Washington County, Virginia of typhoid fever; married Susannah Williams, 12 Jan 1854, Smyth County, Virginia. She was born c1827, Virginia; died after 1900, probably Washington County, Virginia.
  7. Oscar, born c1833, Washington County, Virginia; died between 1891-1900, Wayne County, Tennessee; married Catherine Elizabeth Garland, before 1860. She was born c1833, South Carolina; died after 1900, probably Wayne County, Tennessee.
  8. Joseph R., born c1835, Virginia; died c1897, probably Washington County, Virginia; married Mary Elizabeth Edmondson, c1867. She was born c1847, Virginia; died after 1880.
  9. Susannah E., born c1837, Virginia; died 14 October 1875, Washington County, Virginia; married John Edward Roe, 29 September 1859, Washington County, Virginia. He was born c1820, Virginia; died after 1880.
  10. Sophronia Dorcas, born c1839; Virginia; died after 1900; married (1) Edward Washington Roe, 29 November 1860, Washington County, Virginia. He died during the Civil War. (2) William Thomas Naff, 31 December 1868, Washington County, Virginia. He died after 1900.
  11. George R., born c1846, Virginia; died after 1850
  12. Freelove, born c1848, Virginia; died after 1850

2. Oscar Love4 (Mary3, Samuel2, Thomas1)  , born 17 February 1805, Cripple Creek, Wythe County, Virginia; died 8 August 1879, Champaign County, Illinois; married Mary Hatler Bickley, c1835. She was born 17 May 1817, Russell County, Virginia; died 23 October 1899, Champaign County, Illinois.

Children: (Love)

  1. Virginia, born c1841, Virginia; died after 1850
  2. William Thomas, born c1842, Virginia; died 6 November 1917, Champaign County, Illinois; unmarried.
  3. Harriet Ellen, born 27 July 1845, Russell County, Virginia; died 18 January 1882, Sullivan County, Tennessee; married Andrew H. Bickley, 3 December 1872, Russell County, Virginia.
  4. Mary Frances E., born 27 July 1848, Russell County, Virginia; died 1935, Champaign County, Illinois; unmarried.
  5. John, twin, born 14 July 1853, Virginia; died after 1910-1920, probably Champaign County, Illinois; married Sarah C. (MNU), c1884. She was born c1857, Kentucky; died after 1920, possibly in St. Louis, Missouri, where she was living with her daughter’s family.
  6. Susannah F., twin, born 14 July 1853, Virginia; died 22 February 1944, Champaign County, Illinois; married Thomas Marion Dickenson, 3 December 1872, Russell County, Virginia. He was born 1851; died 10 June 1880, Russell County, Virginia.
  7. Charles H., born c1856, Virginia; died after 1860.
  8. Samuel W., born 21 October 1858, Virginia; died 17 December 1934, Champaign County, Illinois; married Catherine (Kitty) Belle Henson, 18 October 1898, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She was born c1871, South Carolina; died after 1930 census, probably in Champaign County, Illinois. They apparently had no children.

3. Isaac N. Love4 (Mary3, Samuel2, Thomas1) was born 15 February 1811, Virginia; died 17 February 1853, Pike County, Illinois; married Nancy Jane Porter, 20 April 1839, Pulaski County, Kentucky. She was born 7 February 1818, Pulaski County, Kentucky; died 6 October 1865, Pike County, Illinois. Nancy has not been found in the 1860 census, nor have the children been found after 1850, except for Isaac N., who became a physician.

Children: (Love)

  1. Joseph, born c1843, Illinois; died after 1850
  2. Henry, born c1845, Illinois; died after 1850
  3. George, born c1848, IIllinois; died after 1850
  4. Isaac, born September 1850; died 18 June 1903, New York, New York; married Florence Hill or Williams, 10 May 1877, St. Louis, Missouri. She was born c1858, Texas; died after 1900

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at the grandchildren born to William and Mary’s other four children.

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